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In our houses, the smart ceiling light is imperative for almost every room. At the moment when you want to watch movies with your family, play games with your friends, or relax and do nothing, you wouldn’t like the light above to show dull white. The smart ceiling light, as one of the main products of smart LED lights, will change your life with its limitless colors, light effect, and other amazing functions. Read this article to make the best choice for your home!

How to choose the smart ceiling light

Various options

One of the main reasons why we want to change our old ceiling light into a smart one is that we want something different. Smart lights can do it by changing the temperature, colors, light effects, and so on to add some fun to your daily life.

Way of connection

Most of the smart lights you can find on the market are connected via WiFi. That is because almost every family has WiFi devices. You don’t need to buy a hub, and WiFi can cover farther distances than Bluetooth. But Bluetooth and Zigbee consume less energy.

Voice control

There is nothing more convenient than voice control when you are busy working and can’t free your hands. With Alexa or Google Assistant, good lights can be very sensitive to your instructions. You can also let your family members enjoy the fun of voice control.

Top 5 best smart ceiling lights

1. Taloya smart ceiling light




Dimmable: 3000K–6500K selectable +RGB back mood light

Way of connection: 2.4G Wi-Fi

Voice control: Alexa and Google Home

Wattage: 24W

Price: $39.99 (Amazon at the present time)

Selling points

What first attracts our attention is its ultra-thin design, which is only 0.94 inches and conforms to the idea of simple style. There is a twisting mounting ring structure, making the installation foolproof and only taking 3 minutes. It can change the temperatures, colors, and brightness of light all through the control on the app or voice assistant. You don’t need to worry about accidents caused by electric shock, electric leakage, or short circuits, as the shell is made of plastic that can resist fire.

Customer reviews

  • Easy to install and suitable for beginners. It is very bright, and I can change the colors freely.
  • This smart light is as good as advertised. The app can also control some other smart devices.
  • The ceiling light saves me money and has an amazing light effect.

2. Philips Hue Enrave large smart ceiling light




Dimmable: 2200–6500K Hue White Ambiance

Ways of connection: Bluetooth and Hue Bridge

Voice control: Alexa, Hey Google, and Apple Homekit

Wattage: 33.5W

Price: $279.99 (Amazon at the present time)

Selling points

At a higher price, Philips Hue provides a purer and brighter white light, and it is smart and dimmable. White light of different temperatures can create various atmospheres for you to relax, concentrate, etc. You can choose all these customized lighting options on the app. It has a lifespan of 25,000 hours, and the lumen output at 4000K can be up to 4,300 lumens. With Hue Bridge, you can also set schedules for your lights to turn on and off automatically and control the light when you are away from home.

Customer reviews

  • Philips Hue is the most reliable brand among all the brands. I have fun telling Alexa to change the light with my son.
  • It is easy to install and works well with the Hue Bridge. The range of different lights is awesome.
  • It is a bit expensive.

3. Hamilton Hills smart ceiling light




Dimmable: 2700K–5000K selectable, and the brightness can be changed.

Way of connection: Wi-Fi

Voice control: control via Alexa or Google

Wattage: 12W

Price: $39.99 (Walmart at the present time)

Selling points

This smart ceiling light is a recessed one and will be sure to look good on your ceiling. You can group the lights for more convenient control and set schedules for automatic lighting. It is also suitable for damp environments, like the bathroom, as it obtains ETL certification.

Customer reviews

  • It is so bright and easy to install. It is suitable for tight spaces or low ceilings.
  • It works for 2 years at my house, and when we have an issue, the warranty is still valid.
  • It has a very light and flat design and works efficiently.

4. Aphyni smart ceiling light




Dimmable: 3000K–6500K selectable, and the brightness and colors can be changed.

Way of connection: Wi-Fi

Voice control: works with Alexa and Hey Google

Wattage: 24W

Price: $32.97 (Amazon at the present time)

Selling points

With the Aphyni smart ceiling light, you are able to choose the color of light you want among over 16 million different ones by adjusting it on your phone. It has a music sync mode, which will add fun when you are enjoying the music you like. There are four main modes to create a diverse atmosphere, and you can also set a schedule to make it match your lifestyle.

Customer reviews

  • It seems to be made of solid materials and doesn’t look cheap.
  • There are both main light and colored light, which means you can have a light that emits two different colors. Really love it.
  • The price is reasonable, and controlling the app via WiFi is convenient.

5. CLOUDY BAY smart ceiling light




Dimmable: 2700K–6500K selectable, and the brightness and colors can be changed.

Way of connection: Wi-Fi

Voice control: works with Alexa and Hey Google

Wattage: 20W CCT/4WRGB

Price: $47.99 (Amazon at the present time)

Selling points

It is a light that works well with both Alexa and Hey Google. There is a wide range of colors and temperatures of light to choose from, and it can also perform a dynamic light effect. You can group multiple lights for easier control or control them remotely when you are away from home on the app. This ceiling light can also work in damp environments.

Customer reviews

  • It is easy to install, and I like the different scenes in their app.
  • It won’t break easily and won’t collect dust.
  • I love its modern look. The white light is so bright, and the temperature is dimmable.

Smart ceiling light at Mokolight

The smart ceiling light Mokolight produces can change the temperatures, colors, and light effect at your command, and you can trust its quality. We have produced our own LED light for over 16 years. Our staff is experienced and willing to help you find the best smart ceiling light. Contact us today to update your home into a more intelligent one!

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Adelyn Ward
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