Top 7 best led office light manufacturers 2024


With LED office lights, creating a better working space will not be your problem any more. LED office lights help you improve the efficiency of employees and increase their well-being through their humanized design. There is much to consider when producing appropriate LED office lights. For example, for high efficiency, the lights should have a suitable color temperature and be glare-free. To offer a healthy environment to the employees, sometimes the LED lights should stimulate natural light and even add the effect of melanin. Only reliable led office light manufacturers can fulfill these various requirements. Read this article and find the top 7 best led office light manufacturers for 2024!

Top 7 best led office light manufacturers 2024

1. Zumtobel



As one of the most famous leaders in the LED lighting industry, Zumtobel explores the best solutions for future lighting based on the latest scientific developments, the efforts of leading designers and architects, and the needs of their customers. They were founded in 1950, and in 2019, Zumtobel installed 3 million light points. They are the inventors of many lighting products, such as the world’s first slim batten luminaires, the first German “Light Track” system, etc. The lights they invented outperform the traditional ones and are user-oriented. The quality of Zumtobel’s products meets the highest industrial standards, and they implement quality management in every procedure of production and transportation.

2. Mokolight



Mokolight began the research and development of office lights 16 years ago. In the process of updating the technology, Moko has accumulated experience to better understand customers’ needs. Moko produces first-class office lights in a factory that covers an area of 13,000 m2. Every month more than 30,000 products are made and exported to customers all over the world. As all the procedures are finished in-house, Moko accepts customization and is able to monitor every step of the whole procedure. The quality of these products is guaranteed by both authorized standards like UL and ISO and multiple tests. Except for having a competitive price, the office lights from Mokolight have a high CRI, no glare, high efficiency, and smart control. Don’t wait and contact Moko for the office lights you want!

3. Litetronics



Litetronics is a leading LED office light manufacturer that has produced energy-saving LED lights since 1970. For these years, they have kept innovating to find finer LED lights with a longer service life and higher efficiency. They always focus on sustainability, and by using their energy-saving LED lights, their customers are able to save money and make a contribution to protecting the environment. As an experienced expert, they can solve your problem and offer you the most suitable solutions for your project. You can customize the product and wait for Litetronics to produce the lights with the best materials, and these lights are also certified by certifications like UL, DLC, etc.




US LED is a successful company that has been listed in the top 100 manufacturers in America several times. All of their employees are required to put the interests of their customers first. As a result, they maintain a long-term partnership with world-class companies in different fields. Since 2001, they have installed over 21,000 LED lights in America and provided overall solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting. They have decades of expertise in producing LED lights that have a service life of about 200,000 hours. Moreover, they offer a warranty as long as ten years.

5. Specialty Lighting



Specialty Lighting was established in 1975. It has provided specialized lighting solutions to meet the changing needs of different markets ever since. They have a strong R&D and production team and are cooperating with brilliant designers and other manufacturers around the world. They support customization, and their customers have applied these lights in diverse fields, which include hospitality, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Their lights are energy-saving and sustainable, which will largely save you money. They provide different series of LED office lights that can improve the performance of employees and create unique atmospheres.

6. HyLite LED Lighting



HyLite LED Lighting holds the belief of creating economically sustainable and green LED lights. Founded in 2010, they put great efforts into reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment by using recycled materials, producing LED lights that consume as little energy as possible, and solar lights. Thus, their lights have a higher light efficiency than those of their competitors and will emit brighter light at the same wattage. It is not only environmentally friendly but can also reduce consumption. Besides, their lights have a long lifespan, and their quality meets international standards. Their passionate employees are willing to help at any time.

7. TCP



As a brilliant LED light manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, TCP won the top product and supplier awards, reflecting their competence to produce high-quality LED lights. Their factory is located in America, where all of the components are made. They monitor all the procedures, from design to distribution, to make sure their clients get the best product and service. TCP has a strong leadership team and passionate employees and regards professionalism, innovation, and quality as its missions. Their office LED lights provide natural and bright lighting for the employees and other types of light for presentations and meetings. These lights are energy-saving and have a long service life, so they can make your office a comfortable place at a low cost.

Which LED light is best for office?

There are different things to consider when choosing a suitable LED office light.

  1. Brightness: Generally speaking, the brightness of the office should be 500-1000 lumens per square meter, and the brightness of the working area should be 800-1000 lumens per square meter.
  2. Color temperature: The color of lamps in the office should be natural white or like daylight, usually between 4000K and 5000K, which can improve work efficiency and make the employees feel comfortable. If the color is too warm or too cold, it may lead to eye strain.
  3. Color rendering index: The higher the color rendering index of the lamp, the more realistic the color reproduction is. It is very important for the work that needs to accurately judge the color. An office light should at least have a color rendering index of 80.
  4. Energy efficiency: Energy-saving LED lights can reduce energy consumption and save power bills in the long run.
  5. Style: In addition to the above basic requirements, you can also consider whether the appearance and shape of the lights can match the decoration style of your office.


Finding a good LED office light manufacturer is essential to creating a healthy and comfortable workplace. They provide not only LED lights but also the best consultation and service to help you find the most suitable lights for your office. You will be sure to find the best office lighting suppliers after thorough consideration!

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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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