Top 5 Best Smart Lighting Manufacturers 2024


Smart lighting, no matter smart light bulbs or smart LED light fixtures, all have the ability to change our lives at the moment we turn on the switch. As a new trend generated for the pursuit of a smarter and more convenient life, it has become the focus of research and development for many LED light manufacturers. Buying top-notch smart lights from reliable smart lighting manufacturers will give you a wonderful experience of the future of lighting. Read the following article and find a list of the best smart lighting manufacturers for 2024!

Top 5 Best Smart Lighting Manufacturers 2024

1. Philips



For 130 years, Philips has been concerned about people’s well-being and has kept innovating for better technologies. Their efforts have rewarded them with a soaring turnover and a place in the top 100 global brands. Now they have 57,000 patent rights, and the world has witnessed their investment in innovation. As for smart lighting, their world-famous specialized section, Philips Hue, has a whole set of smart lights and customer-oriented solutions. You can make use of Philips Hue lights in any situation of your life, as Philips has taken your needs for health, safety, entertainment, and so on into consideration.

2. Mokolight



Mokolight always works for the brighter future of their customers. As a Chinese LED light manufacturer, Moko is experienced in providing ODM and OEM LED lights of first-class quality at a competitive price. Moko has kept innovating for over 16 years to develop smarter, more functional, and energy-saving LED lights. All of the lights are produced in Moko’s factory, which has an area of 13,000 m2, and have passed various tests such as glue cover, coating confirmation, aging testing, plastic assembly, and so on. Moreover, Moko is certified by ISO, BSCI, UL, and other international standards. The smart lights of Mokolight fulfill people’s emotional and biological needs and create a comfortable and convenient space. Click here to talk about your future lighting plans with Moko!

3. Paulmann



Paulmann is a passionate German company dedicated to providing the perfect lighting solution for every customer. For 40 years, they have created more than 2500 products and lighting systems to fulfill people’s various needs. They produce lights that are not only for illumination and decoration but also for their positive effects on people’s moods and well-being. Products they have developed include rail systems, recessed lights, spot lights, smart lights, etc. They have been awarded by “Die Familienunternehmer e. V.” as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. They have offices in 40 countries and 400 employees, and they work hard to help their customers find specialized lights. Paulmann offers a whole range of smart lights, and these lights are compatible and support Zigbee, voice, and app control.

4. Ketra



Ketra explores the infinite possibilities of light. They work to simulate natural light and make use of it in the lighting system. The lights they design have won multiple awards, such as the AP PIA18, the Lighting Design Award 2017, the Award Certificate Silver 300, etc. In 2018, the world’s leader in the field of lighting control, Lutron, acquired Ketra and boosted the integration of the best shades, controls, and lights. Ketra cooperates with first-class institutions, architects, and designers to develop new products of high quality. Ketra’s smart lights are beautiful and can be adjusted with precision. With its advanced dynamic spectrum control, you can change different light settings according to your mood.

5. Viribright



Viribright is located in California and has other satellite warehouses in the United States. They aim to provide better and more reliable lights for households and businesses. By using advanced technology, they produce lights that have high efficiency, quality, and performance. These lights outperform their competitors as they have a 90+ CRI, a 100+ luminous flux, and an R9 efficiency of over 85. Viribright has established strong partnerships with many companies, schools, and organizations and has accumulated experience in providing professional lighting solutions. Their smart lights are versatile and functional. The bulbs can be installed in any light fixture and are super easy to install and control.

Q&A about smart lighting

Q: What does smart lighting do?

  1. Automatic control

The smart lighting system can sense changes in the external environment and automatically adjust parameters such as light brightness, color temperature, and color according to actual needs.

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

Smart lighting systems can save energy and reduce carbon emissions to the greatest extent possible through precise control and management. It can automatically adjust the brightness of the lights and turn them on or off with a remote control.

  1. Personalized needs

Smart lights can be very functional. Besides changing colors and temperatures, there are many additional features, such as sync to music, changing light effects, timing, etc.

  1. Remote management

The smart lighting system can be remotely managed and controlled through the network, and the operating status of the lighting can be monitored in real time for troubleshooting and maintenance.

  1. Data analysis

The smart lighting system can provide relevant data such as operating status and energy consumption through data collection and analysis to help users manage and optimize lighting. This can be useful for companies and factories to save money.

Q: What happens to smart lights when the power goes out?

Like traditional lights, smart lights won’t work when the power goes out. As for the effect of the sudden power outrage, here is something you may want to know:

  • The smart lights won’t be damaged because of a sudden power outage. As the smart lights can still be used like traditional lights and be turned on or off by switches, they have a protection mechanism.
  • In most cases, smart lights will automatically connect to the Internet after a power outage and power on again.
  • A good smart light can automatically jump to the state set by the user after a sudden power failure. With this humane design, it will not have too much impact on the user’s life.

Conclusion about smart lighting manufacturers

When choosing good smart lighting manufacturers, you can pay attention to how many years they have been in this industry, if they are experienced and take part in the whole process of design and production, if they have industrial certifications, etc. As the smart lighting industry keeps developing, you will be sure to find the right smart lighting manufacturers and the best smart lights that meet your needs!

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Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
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