Top 10 LED Grow Light Manufacturers in China

Top 10 LED grow light manufacturers in China

As is known to all, China is the largest exporter of LED products in the world. There are a large number of premium LED lighting enterprises, where you can meet various lighting needs ranging from residential, commercial to industrial usage. As LED technology continues to mature, China’s LED products have dramatically improved in recent years. Due to competitive prices and quality products and services, more and more overseas customers tend to choose Chinese LED grow light manufacturers and brands.

LED grow lights, as a branch of LED products, promote plant growth by simulating the solar spectrum. They can be used in many scenarios, such as indoor gardening, vertical farming, hydroponic cultivation, cannabis growth, etc. Faced with thousands of LED grow light manufacturers and suppliers, indoor growers often don’t know how to make the right decision.

If you are thinking of importing high quality LED grow lights from China, this article will be of great help to you, whether for your lighting project or distribution business. Here, according to the companies’ annual sales, industry influence and other comprehensive factors, we have listed 10 leading LED grow light manufacturing companies in China for your reference. We also provide some advice on how to select a reliable manufacturer to help you boom your LED business. Let’s dive right in.

Top rank Chinese LED grow light manufacturers

1. MOKO Technology Co., Ltd.
Year of Establishment: 2006
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

Established in 2006, MOKO is a company which integrates the development, production and sales of electronics, serving thousands of clients from over 100 countries across the globe. MOKOLight, as its honorary sub-brand, has 16 years of experience in LED grow light manufacturing as well as a wealth of OEM service experience. It has a capacity of 600 employees, boasting of a factory of 13,000 square meters and 5 auto SMT lines, 3 DIP lines and 2 finished lamp assembly lines. It is certificated by ISO9001,UL, ETL, CE, FCC and RoHS, which presents its good credibility. With excellent quality, competitive price, stable and complete supply chain and thoughtful service, it has won the trust of its clients.

Providing indoor and outdoor lighting solutions is MOKOLight’s forte. Its operation can be classified into the following categories:

    • Smart Home lighting
    • Commercial lighting
    • Office lighting
    • Education lighting
    • Outdoor lighting
    • Indoor cultivation lighting
    • Horticultural lighting
    • Agricultural shed lighting
    • Vertical farming lighting
    • Hydroponic lighting

Top LED Grow Lighting Products

480W Quantum Board LED Grow Light
600W Quantum Board LED Grow Light
600W Foldable Spider LED grow light
800W Foldable Spider LED grow light

600W Foldable Spider LED grow light

2. Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 1993
Location: Shanghai, China

About the Company
Since its establishment, Sansi has been committed to technological innovation in LED applications, from commercial displays to home lighting. They strive to provide affordable price and cutting-edged LED technology through the integration the design, production, sales and customer service. With 2500 workers, over 500 in-house engineers and 3 state-of-the-art factories, Sansi has expanded its business to over 40 countries on five continents.

The operations at Sansi falls in the following categories:
Household lighting
Industrial lighting
LED grow lighting
Road lighting

Top LED Grow Lighting Products

C2010-CE LED Grow Light
C2020-BE LED Grow Light
C21GL LED Grow Light

3. Shenzhen Pvison Technology Co., Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 2004
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

Pvison is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, production, sales and service of LED grow lights, providing professional and efficient LED grow light solutions. Its factory employs 300 people, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters. With the strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities as well as multiple international authoritative certification, Pvison has become one of the most preferred suppliers of LED grow lights at home and abroad.

Main Products
LED Grow Light, LED Light, Precision Aluminum Products, LED Light Aluminum Heat Sink, etc.

Top LED Grow Lighting Products

Retractable Bars LED Grow Light
Quantum Board LED Grow Light
Tube LED Grow Light

4. Shenzhen Aurora Technology Limited

Year of Establishment: 2011
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

Aurora, a subsidiary of Power-Time Group Limited, specializes in energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED products as an alternative to conventional lighting technologies. It integrates the design, manufacturing, sales and service of LED lights, aiming to provide high quality products and innovative LED solutions. It owns a factory of 3000 square meters, advanced equipment and a formidable R&D team, awarded with multiple international certificates such as CB, CE, ETL and FCC.

Top LED Grow Lighting Products

Spider Pro Series LED Grow Light
Rack Series LED Grow Light
Panel Board Series LED Grow Light
Roof Series LED Grow Light
Desk Series LED Grow Light

Spider Pro Series LED Grow Light

5. Shenzhen HSY LED CO., LTD.

Year of Establishment: 2003
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

HESUNY has more than a decade of experience in the development, production and sales of LED lighting for the global market. Its factory has 1000 staff with a total covering area of over 33335 square meters. It has 120 engineers and has got 200 lighting patents. Due to over 30% annual growth in the past 3 years, the products and services have been approved by customers and the market.

HESUNY concentrates on indoor and outdoor lighting and operates in the following spheres:
LED grow lighting
Domestic and public lighting
Decorative lighting
Outdoor lighting

Main Products

LED grow light, LED Flood Light, UV disinfection lamp, LED wall lamp, Headlights, etc.

6. Shenzhen Leaders United Technology Co., Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 2016
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

As a well-known LED lighting manufacturer, Shenzhen Leaders United Tech is committed to developing, manufacturing and selling upscale LED lights. The company holds the business philosophy of “Quality First”, adhering to the principle of “Customer First” to provide clients with quality products and services.

Main Products

LED grow light, LED horticulture light, LED corn light, LED down light, LED stadium light, LED spotlights, LED ceiling light, LED panel light, LED street lights.

7. Shenzhen GIP Company Limited

Year of Establishment: 2009
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

Shenzhen GIP Company Limited is a professional manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production and sales of LED grow lights for agricultural lighting. It has become the major leaders of LED grow lights in China since the year of 2010. Now it has a workshop of 2000 square meters, 200 workers and over 30 expert teams. It cooperates with 6 agricultural colleges and provides free design, OEM customization and other services.

Main Products

LED Grow Lights, COB LED Grow Lights, E27 LED Grow Lights, Medical Hemp LED Grow Lights, etc.


Year of Establishment: 2010
Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang province, China

About the Company

CAJOROY specializes on the research, development, design and manufacture of LED lamps. Adhering to the Customer-oriented business philosophy, their customers are all over the world. Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, the company employs 230 workers, including 20 designers and technicians, and all OEM&ODM customized orders are supported.

Main Products

LED Ceiling Light, LED Panel Light, LED Grow Light, LED Floodlight, LED bulb, LED Street Light, LED high bay light.

9. Shenzhen ATA Technology Co., Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 2014
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

Since its inception in 2014, ATA is committed to the research, development, engineering, and marketing of LED products. Occupied by 10,000 square meters, with 200-300 well-trained staff, 100% high quality products are guaranteed. With outstanding products and well-rounded after-sales service, ATA enjoys a high reputation in the LED industry.

Main Products

LED grow light, LED panel Light, UV LED tube, LED strip, LED high bay Light, LED flood Light, LED batten light.

10. Shenzhen Ace Lighting Co., Ltd.

Year of Establishment: 2015
Location: Shenzhen, China

About the Company

Founded in Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, known as China’s Silicon Valley in 2015, Ace Lighting specializes in the manufacturing, sales and services of agricultural lighting. Having passed various quality certification such as ISO9001, ETL, FCC, CE and RoHS, their products are highly recognized and acclaimed by customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Through many years’ effort, its sub-brand INNOLUX has now become a renowned plant lighting brand, delivering state-of-the-art plant supplemental lighting solutions to clients across the globe.

Main Products

LED Grow Light, LED Horticulture Light, Ambient Light, LED Controller, etc.

Why those top 10 LED grow light manufacturers are listed?

LED manufacturer

These 10 LED grow light manufacturers are recommended as the industry leaders due to the following aspects:

    • Many years of industry experience
    • OEM and ODM services offered by most of the companies
    • Robust R&D team
    • Professional and patient sales staff
    • Larger company scale

Working with these manufacturers will reduce the risk of running into troubles to a great extent. But we cannot 100% guarantee you would not encounter with any headache issues.

How we choose the best LED grow light manufacturer?

How we choose the best light manufacturer


Apparently, it’s not an easy thing to select a good LED grow light manufacturer. Instead, you ought to consider as many aspects as possible. This doesn’t simply mean finding the most powerful manufacturer or the largest scale company. However, you should choose the one best suited to you according to your own practical conditions and requirements. We have listed some of the most common selection criteria as follows:

    • Website

Generally speaking, for those large companies, they make and utilize their own websites to introduce their company and promote their products. A well-designed page would leave customers a good impression when they are browsing the site. If you find that the company doesn’t have a website, it reveals that it might be small-scale and not well known in the industry.

    • Year of Establishment

Selecting a reliable manufacturer requires paying attention to the year the company was founded. Even though the length of operating time would not fully reflect its capability, enterprises with more industry experience will produce more stable quality products. With a set of complete production process of their own as well as good reputation in the industry, they are more trustworthy by customers.

    • Quality Assurance

Quality is the most concern question of clients and it is the guarantee of long-term partnership. We’d better buy some samples before placing the order. Apart from that, user-friendly packing, durable materials and lamp brightness are also considered during the inspection. To ensure after-sales service, we should also inquire how many years of warranty the manufacturer offers.

    • Factory

Manufacturers with their own factories can provide faster delivery time and better quality control. With advanced equipment and multiple production lines, they will produce a wide variety of products within a shorter time. Some experienced factories have a scientific production schedule and the ERP system. They rarely delay the goods except for the force majeure.

    • Service

A good manufacturer will place high priority on services. Time is money. You will win the trust of your clients if their concerns are always replied in a timely manner. To save the shipping costs, the packing size will be squeezed to the minimum possible. Hence, selecting a good supplier will secure clients more savings on time and money and you will feel relaxed and joyful when working with them.

    • Price

Before starting the distribution business, you’d better do some investigation on the local market. Compare the prices for LED grow lights in the local market with those offered by the manufacturer, but remember not to focus only on price, as quality is what matters most. By identifying your real needs, you may find a balance between the two.


There are many excellent LED grow light manufacturers or suppliers in China, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we recommend MOKOLight because we boast a well-equipped factory with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing LED grow lights. The biggest company may not the best fit you. We allow low MOQ and tailor-made products for our clients. We will provide you with top-notch LED grow lights and a service second to none at an affordable price. If you’re seeking for the best LED grow light manufacturer in China, you’ve come right, consult us for more details.

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