Product Details

Samsung LM301B + Osram 660nm

Waterproof Cover

Back View

Meanwell Driver

Dimmer wire


Product Details

Thick Solid Heatsink

We offer 4mm thick heatsink which make the heat dissipation better and make the product not easily deformation, Better heat dissipation for the driver.

Waterproof Wire

Integrated Power Cord is used in the product, it is solid and strong and better than manual connection.

MeanWell Driver

Meanwell Led Driver(world Famous brand), High Safety performance driver, good waterproofing, ensure a long life span, at least 5 years warranty.

Multiple Controller Optional

Meet Your Commercial Growing Needs. Give You More Simple Growing Life

PRO Power Cable - Optional

Different areas use different plugs.
Please contact supplier before you place your order.

US Plug

UK Plug

EU Plug

AU Plug

JP Plug

SA Plug

Increase your yield

Use Top Bin LM301B LED, full spectrum, high efficiency and energy saving, add ultra-high efficiency deep red 660nm LED


Samsung LM301B


Samsung LM301B


Osram 3030 LEDS

Smart Control Daisy Chain

Smart Controller + Dimmer

RJ45 Dimmer

Master Controller

1. can dim the light 0-100%
2. Easy and safe installation(low voltage device)
3. App operation on the phone to master controller
4. Control up to 200 fixtures
5. Protected against short circuit
6. Auto shutdown at temperature setting

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