Do smart lights deter burglars?

Except for being smart and saving energy, do smart lights have other advantages? For example, can they deter burglars? How?

Yes, smart street lights have added many functions on the basis of traditional street lights. They can also deter burglars for the following reasons:

  • Surveillance camera: Many smart lights have cameras on them, so everything that happens on the roads is recorded.
  • Emergency call button: When there is an emergency, the emergency call button enables people to call the police in time.
  • Efficient lighting: Smart street lights are well designed to control when to light up and adjust the brightness. If the lighting is bright, the crime rate will decrease.

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Should street lights be turned off at night?

I think turning street lights on for the whole night is a waste of energy. In the late night, there will be few vehicles and pedestrians. Why can’t we turn off the light at night?

Do LED street lights reduce light pollution?

When the high pressure sodium lights prevailed in the city, they said that the night sky is polluted because of the scattered light. Will LED street lights reduce the pollution?

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