Are there motion sensor street lights?

I guess the street lights near me are set according to a scheduel and then light up together. But I think if the street lights can light up only when necessary, it would be better. Are there motion sensor street lights?

Yes, some of the different types of the motion sensor street lights include:

  • IR sensor: The IR sensor will sense if there is someone passing by, turn on the light, and adjust to a suitable brightness. It can detect things at a long distance and is not likely to be disturbed.
  • Radar sensor: Radar sensors constantly emit electromagnetic waves and receive their reflected signals. Then it sends signals to the controller to turn on the lights.
  • RFID sensor: Once the RFID module is installed in the vehicles and the street lights, the lights can sense the motion of the cars. Besides, it can collect related information, like the speed of the cars.

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