How To Protect My Eyes When Working With LED Grow Lights?

When utilizing potent HPS or LED lights, protecting your eyes from grow light damage is vital. So let’s look at some recommendations you should adhere to if you want to safeguard your eyes:

  • When working in a grow room, use sunglasses. To ensure that you completely block out those high-frequency UV rays, sunglasses should feature side coverage and polarized lenses.
  • Never look into the light directly. Although it should go without saying, you should never gaze directly into your grow lights, especially if they are LED or HPS, whether you are wearing eye protection or not. Your eyes will appreciate it!
  • Face sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen is constantly advised because it will shield your face from UV rays. An SPF sunscreen for your face will help you prevent diseases like melanoma and carcinoma of the eyelid as well as the other sensitive, thin skin surrounding your eyes because we’re talking about eyes today. It also helps to prevent wrinkles.
  • Reduce your exposure to grow lights. When your light is on, stay out of the room. Turn off the LEDs while working and then turn it back on before leaving.

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