How Much Light Does Monstera Need?

I am not sure how much light they need.

Leaves that receive too much direct light will burn. If you leave them in the dark, the plant won’t flourish. So Monstera is quite picky in terms of the amount of light exposed. Using an LED grow light is the most straightforward method of controlling the amount of light the plant receives indoors.

In their native tropical habitat, monsteras receive 8-10 hours of light every day on average. However, they are not used to direct bright sunlight because they are typically found lower down and hidden by the canopy of larger plants. Thus indirect lighting is a go-to option particularly when it comes to controlled artificial light. Simply move the light farther away from the plant. If you really do want them close, you may either get an indoor grow light with a lesser output or add a filter over the light’s lens.

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