How Much Area Does a 1000-Watt LED Grow Light Cover?

I have a 1000-watt LED grow light. How much area can it light?

A 1000-watt grow light will be sufficient to cover an area that is 6′ × 6′ (36 square feet). The only potential problem is that LEDs might not be able to reach as far into the plant canopy as an HPS light.

One method to address this would be to train the plant by having it grow on its side, which will allow more light to reach the plant as a whole. And you may be able to harvest many more larger buds. Removing fan leaves from the plant is an even easier approach. This will enable the penetration of light.

Many buds can be produced in a tent with a 1000-watt grow light. Remember to use the appropriate timing for flowers and vegetables, and keep everything dark when it’s supposed to be dark.


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