600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Hydroponic Light

1. We use Epistar high quality led chips and Sosen LED Driver
2. no shadow and in excellent condition, it is Energy saving low power consumption.
3. Long lifetime, Low heating, safe and durable, which is easy to install and operate.

1. Suitable for hydroponics, horticulture, greenhouse
2. Suitable for plants growing, flowering and fruiting
3. Lighting time setup: Vegetative Stage:10-12 hours on; Flowering Stage:8-10 hours on. Fruiting Stage:7-8 hours on
4. Tips for increasing lifespan: please let the light have a rest for about 20mins after 4-5 hours of working.

Product Introduction

If you want to have a reliable, high-quality, strong, and waterproof light, the 600W LED Full spectrum Light is the one to choose. This high-quality LED light will provide you with the light you need in most environmental conditions due to its complete water ingress protection.

We have manufactured this 600W LED Full spectrum Light to the highest standard and incorporated high-quality components, including a Samsung LM301B quantum board, Deep Red 660nm LED, and Meanwell LED driver. Better still, it is provided at a highly-efficient rate.

You will be delighted by the level of light that this unit produces around 475 umol/m2s. This light is generated by the Samsung lm301B and Osram 660nm light sources can be dimmed from between 10-100%.

It measures 1000 x 62 x 34mm and requires around 150-600mm mounting clearance. To operate the light, a power supply with a 150mA current is required.

You will be able to put your LED Grow Light in pretty much any location thanks to IP-65 rated waterproof protection. So, you can enjoy more than 54,000 hours of operation indoors, outdoors, in clear skies, or the rain!

We believe that the 600 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light has got to be your first choice for LED lighting. We are so convinced of this that we’ll give you a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Features

Mode Number

MK-600W GLB-1000MM-LM301B+660nm


Full Spectrum(400nm-730nm)

Light Source

Samsung lm301B and Osram 660nm

Fixture Dimension


Light Output PPFD

1320 umol/m2s



Input Voltage


Output Current




Mounting Height


Waterproof Rate





Isolated Meanwell Led Driver


1-10V 10%-100% dimming



Life time



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