Production technology of LED energy-saving light

Production technology of LED energy-saving light

LED energy-saving light is widely used in our life, which makes a great contribution to human energy-saving and environmental protection. In large application scenarios, LED is rapidly replacing other lighting tools. As the representative of the fourth generation of light sources, the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection of LED light are more and more valued by people, and it is an important lighting tool in the future.

LED energy-saving light production process

  1. First, let’s talk about the working principle of led energy-saving light. There are also LED energy-saving lights on the market that some people say they have LED corn lamps, mainly using in-line lamp beads and SMD lamp beads. The first choice is to talk about LED energy-saving light driven by a resistance-capacitance step-down circuit (for example, LED corn lamps are more common) There is a lot of information on the working principle of the driver on the Internet. You can find it by searching for “resistance-capacitance step-down power supply circuit” on Google. The quality of this driver is uneven, with mixed advantages and disadvantages. If 230V input, 5W ordinary LED energy-saving For the lamp, use the reflector lamp with 2835 lamp beads. CE certification is enough, sales are oriented to Europe, the cost is mainly that the lamp beads and shell are expensive, and the driver is a few cents to 1 yuan. The other is the use of power IC chips, mainly constant current or constant voltage, but most of them use constant current, which is easy to do, but as far as I know, if the constant voltage is done well, it should be no worse than the constant current. But it is more difficult to debug. The working principle is to convert the AC input, and finally output a stable DC output to drive the LED. The other is LED energy-saving lamps designed with wide voltage, using the constant current drive, like LED energy-saving light, when using aluminum substrates and patch light sources, the brand of LED energy-saving lamps on the market for a penny use aluminum substrates and stickers. In this production process of the film, this article will not go into depth, leaving a second time to explain in detail. To understand this, we must go deep into the following points.
  2. Assemble LED energy-saving light components: Speaking of components alone, there are several components for resistance-capacitance step-down: capacitors, resistors, electrolysis, and some with a triode and MOS tube. In the case of the chip, the core is the power IC chip, followed by the transformer, electrolysis, and optocoupler feedback circuit. Then, according to the different chip, the front or output will be added, and the feedback part will add some devices, nothing more than diodes, capacitors, etc.
  3. The assembly tools are very simple: the production line of the drive power supply is the plug-in. You can also go to the lamp distribution city to buy the drive; the assembly wire (electric soldering iron, electric batch, etc.) of the whole lamp can be made into a small workbench. The materials can be purchased from the lamp distribution city. If you have the conditions, you can design the drawings by yourself to open the mold. This will have more cost advantages, but it is generally done in large quantities.
  4. It is difficult to explain the process flow of LED energy-saving light bit by bit: in a nutshell, it is mainly plug-in, immersion tin, cutting feet, testing, assembly, aging, and packaging. The workbook can be done by taking pictures online by yourself, and it mainly indicates the matters needing attention in each process and the operation essentials.
  5. Cost composition: material cost, labor cost, management cost, auxiliary material cost, water and electricity cost, etc. In some cases, depreciation of the equipment must be added, and a certain amount of consumption must be considered in terms of materials.
  6. LEDs are now beginning to mature, and now there are better solutions to the problem of heating and brightness. These mainly depend on the design of your engineer. If the heating problem is not solved, the finished LED light will easily appear. Light decay problem. The national policy should also promote the use of LEDs, otherwise, street lights will gradually be replaced by led street lights. If you are careful, you can see that many cities have replaced led street lights.
  7. Assembling mode, which is the workshop we are talking about now. The main cost lies in the initial investment. This depends on your specific ideas. If you only assemble, it is the investment in the workbench and necessary assembly tools. If you plan to do it yourself For development, design, and production, there are many instruments and equipment that need to be purchased, and the investment is large, but I think your plant area is not large, so I suggest starting with assembly. You can OEM production mode, or build your own brand of LED energy-saving light.

Advantages of led energy-saving light

  1. Environmental protection: The materials used to manufacture LED energy-saving lights do not contain mercury. The core part is mainly silicon. The outer layer of the lamp is recyclable plastic. The LED generates little heat and is free of ultraviolet and infrared radiation pollution. Compared with other lamps, LED energy-saving lights are very environmentally friendly.

  1. Energy-saving: LED energy-saving lights have high luminous efficiency, low heat generation, and high efficiency in converting electrical energy into light. Compared with other lighting lamps, LED light of the same power can produce more lumens, brighter, and illuminate. The scope is larger.

  1. Long lifespan: The lifespan of LED light sources is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamps. The LED light is encapsulated with epoxy resin, which is basically a vacuum environment. The lamp uses a semiconductor, the material is durable, the LED generates less heat, and the product is not easy to age. The LED light source can also be well adapted to the outdoor environment and can be used outdoors for a long time.


  1. Multi-color: LED light sources can use different combinations to produce different colors of light. LED light source through the arrangement and combination of three basic colors, red, green, blue, etc., the colors vary widely. 256-level LED, etc., through the control of the computer, can produce 16,777,216 colors, through various color changes, can produce a variety of colorful images and special effects.

Disadvantages of led energy-saving light

  1. The LED energy-saving lamp needs a corresponding heat dissipation device. Although the LED energy-saving light generates less heat, the structure of the LED energy-saving lamp is relatively closed, and there will be heat accumulation in long-term lighting. When the internal structure of the LED lamp has not changed much, further development of heat dissipation technology is needed to improve its performance.
  2. The price of the LED light sources is higher than that of ordinary lamps. LED manufacturing is relatively complicated, and the materials used are relatively expensive. The cost of LED chips, LED high-efficiency power supplies and LED resin packaging are all high, which pushes up the price of LEDs.
  3. There are many LED manufacturers with different production levels. The actual power of some low-quality LED lamps produced may even directly exceed that of incandescent lamps of the same level. The power of the LED lamp is the power of the LED chip, not the input power. The actual power of the LED is generally greater than the market power.

Famous brand of led energy-saving light

  1. MOKOLight

Founded in 2010, MOKOLight is committed to the R&D, production, and application of high-brightness and high-power LED lighting. It has core technologies and patents for the industrial production of high-brightness blue-green LED epitaxial wafers and chips. Engaged in the production of high-brightness, high-power LED epitaxial wafers, chips, and LED application products, creating a new era of internationally competitive LED lighting industry in China.

  1. Philips Lighting

Philips is a Dutch brand, founded in 1981. Philips’s LED lighting solutions are involved in all lighting fields, providing many excellent solutions. Besides energy-saving solutions, Philips also provides excellent lighting solutions for plant lighting

  1. Panasonic PANASONIC

Panasonic is a world-famous electric company. Panasonic is a multinational company with more than 200 companies all over the world, and Panasonic lighting provides the world with high-quality health and environmental protection LED energy-saving lamp products.


OSRAM is a world-famous lighting company, with 48 production bases in 17 international markets, providing services to 150 countries around the world. OSRAM is a famous LED lamp manufacturer and a lighting company with innovative abilities.

How to buy led energy-saving light

  1. Brand

The brand is the guarantee of confidence, but behind the brand is the responsibility. Therefore, when choosing LED energy-saving lamps, you must first understand the company’s qualifications for the brand. The more common brands of LED lighting are Philips, Foshan Lighting, Op Lighting, Penny Brand, NVC Lighting, Osram Lighting, and other brands. Therefore, the choice of branded LED energy-saving light is a guarantee for the after-sales of the product.

  1. Life

Life is the key factor to buy led, life is determined by the material and manufacturing process. Good material, good technology, long life, and high price. When purchasing led, the material must be considered clearly. The price of good material will not be too cheap, so it is not suitable to choose the too cheap one.

  1. LED chip

The LED chip is the key factor of LED performance, and the chip prices of different companies vary greatly. Taiwan and Chinese mainland manufacturers have lower chip prices, and the prices of chips in the US and Korea are relatively high. Generally speaking, the bigger the chip, the better the quality and the higher the price.

  1. Brightness

The higher the brightness of the LED, the higher the price. The brightness of different LED products of different companies is different. We can choose the appropriate brightness LED according to our specific needs. It’s not that the brighter it is, the more it meets the demand. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be too bright.

  1. Light-emitting angle

Most of the LED light angle is the light to the bottom, a few LED light angle is special, the price of this special angle is generally high, according to the actual demand to choose the right angle of LED light

  1. Wavelength

If there is no light measuring instrument, consumers generally rely on the naked eye to judge, if there is no color deviation is OK. But the LED light, color consistent, the better the performance, the wavelength is almost the same. The price of LED with the same wavelength is high, and the LED with pure color has high requirements for production equipment.

  1. Word of mouth

Jinbei and Yinbei are not as good as the customer’s reputation. This sentence shows that the customer’s evaluation after use is very important because the advantages and disadvantages of the product are more familiar after use. In addition to considering the above technical indicators and parameters, we also need to analyze the manufacturer’s qualification strength of the brand, such as whether the company is a regular manufacturer, whether it has technical patents or appearance patents, whether the brand has passed trademark registration, and so on. Powerful manufacturers pay more attention to technology.

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Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
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