Top 6 Best Led Street Light Manufacturers/Suppliers 2024


LED street lights are in high demand with the trend of urbanization, but buying them really requires thorough consideration. As they usually work outdoors and every road needs a number of these lights, most buyers want the street lights to have the advantages of energy-saving, weatherproof, have a long service life, and not need frequent maintenance. If you are buying high-quality lights from the top LED street light manufacturers, you can find these advantages easily. The following article introduces some of the best LED street light manufacturers that are worthy of recognition. Let’s start!

Top 6 Best Led Street Light Manufacturers/Suppliers 2024

1. H.E. Williams, Inc.



Since 1921, H.E. Williams has produced lights with developing technology and unchanged values. By now, they have the experience of 100 years to provide the best service and competitive products to their customers. They know best about the solutions that fit different applications like industrial, outdoor, hospitals, etc., as they have excellent design and engineering skills. Their lights outperform others’ due to a balance between function and form. In their factories, there is first-class equipment that ensures quality and the fastest turnaround. The street lights at H.E. Williams have hinged two-piece enclosures so that they can be installed easily. Besides, they have the approval of IDA Dark-Sky to protect the night sky.

2. Mokolight



Mokolight is a leading LED light manufacturer in China with over 16 years of experience. With the research and development of the highest technology, Moko has the best production lines and can carry out various professional tests to measure the quality of the products. Moreover, the cooperation with SGS and UL laboratories has enabled Moko to provide certifications such as ISO, BSCI, ROHS, etc. Moko takes part in every step before, during, and after production. The designers and engineers help customers customize the lights they want. With a quality complaint rate of less than 0.23% and a competitive price, Mokolight has become a trustworthy manufacturer for customers all over the world. The street lights of Moko have clear viewing, high efficiency, and don’t require much maintenance. Contact us to customize your street light solutions!

3. LSI



LSI is an American publicly held company founded in 1976. It provides commercial lighting solutions, graphic solutions, and digital display solutions. LSI has 11 factories in America and Canada and around 1400 employees. They are capable not only of producing various outdoor lights but also of providing indoor lighting solutions. They offer professional management for large-scale projects to provide their customers with quality services. Their street lights are well designed and have a modern style. There are also additional functions, like motion sensing to choose from. Besides, all the street lights have a 5-year warranty.

4. Bridgelux



Bridgelux is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of light. It was founded in 2002, and by now there are nine locations in the world. Every month, they sell more than 100 million products. Supported by research and first-class engineering, Bridgelux has over 1,000 owned and licensed patents. They keep updating LED lights for better environments and experiences. They are also developing semiconductors to expand their LED business. Being members of organizations like CSA and ASSIL, they take action to solve current problems and create new solutions. Their street lights have uniform illumination, consume little energy, and have a long lifespan. These lights are the answer to a bright vision and the safety of the citizens.




LEOTEK started their business in 1992 in California’s Silicon Valley, and they aim to develop reliable, efficient, and long-lasting LED lighting solutions. They take advantage of the LED light source as early as they can to improve the light quality. So far, there have been over 2.2 million street lights produced in North America. In their factory of 70,000 square feet, they produce lights with equipment that is certified by ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, the advanced automation and testing systems improve efficiency and ensure the quality of the products. LEOTEK is a member of organizations like Underwriter Laboratories, the Design Lights Consortium, the International Dark Sky Association, etc. They make contributions to the design and development of street lights.

6. ILP



The headquarters of ILP are in Sanford, FL, and were established in 2003. They focus on providing energy-saving and high-quality lighting for different applications, such as outdoor, industrial, and commercial. Their factory has an area of over 100,000 square feet where they produce the lights, do research, and offer support to their customers. Their customers are from some of the most successful corporations like Amazon, Apple, the U.S. Government, and so on. These clients are mainly from America, and ILP is always expanding their business. They use the latest technology to create the best energy-saving lights. Their street lights have different types of optics, brackets, mounting options, and other parameters. What’s more, they offer a 10-year warranty.

What are the disadvantages of the LED street light?

High light efficiency and low energy consumption

The light efficiency of traditional street lamps is usually only 65%-70% because part of the light is blocked and the reflective surface will absorb the light. In contrast, LED street lamps using secondary optical lenses can have an efficiency as high as 80%. With a better optical design, the light efficiency of the lamp can reach 85%-90%.

Most LED street lights can be dimmed. Besides, they can flexibly adjust light according to ambient light and traffic conditions so as to reduce unnecessary energy consumption while ensuring a lighting effect.

Good color rendering

The high-pressure sodium lamp has high luminous efficiency, but its color rendering is the worst, at only about 20. As for LED lights, the color rendering index can reach about 80. Like natural light, you can see the original color of an object under LED light.

Flexible optical design

LEDs are small in size and can emit a light beam in a certain direction, working like a point light source. With the help of lenses or reflectors, LEDs can obtain ideal light distribution and improve their efficiency.

Conclusions about LED street light manufacturers

LED street lights are indispensable in people’s lives as they illuminate the darkness to provide a safe and natural road condition. Finding outstanding street light manufacturers is also important, because by doing so, you will get the top-notch LED street lights that are worth it. If you think comprehensively and make the right choice, you will be sure to find the best street lights for your project!

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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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