Top 6 Advertising LED Screen Manufacturers 2024


The advertising LED screen is one of the most effective methods to improve the influence of your brand and boost your business. And you can find these LED screens everywhere around the world, from Times Square to the highway that leads to your hometown. Compared with traditional TV or radio advertising, setting up LED screens has become more popular with brand owners. It is time to own an LED screen for your product! In the following article, you will find some of the best advertising LED screen manufacturers. Let’s dive in!

Top 6 advertising LED screen manufacturers 2024

1. SNA displays



SNA is the North American branch of one of the largest LED screen enterprises, SANSI, which was established in 1993. After gaining success by providing the LED display technology for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, SANSI found SNA displays in New York and installed the first LED spectacular screen system at Times Square. SNA was awarded a number of big projects during these years, bringing their spectacular displays to the whole world. There are over 2000 employees at SNA, and they are able to produce 90,000 square feet of LED every month. These employees are professional and passionate about communicating with their customers every day.

2. Watchfire Signs



Watchfire has worked in the electronic sign industry for 91 years and has innovated lots of LED screen solutions to fulfill customers’ special needs. As a professional manufacturer, Watchfire designs the products themselves and holds a number of patents. The materials they use are first-class, and their service is also incredibly satisfying, which is provided before, during, and after the sale. You can find a series of products, including high-resolution LED signs, custom indoor video displays, digital billboards, and outdoor sports displays. These high-resolution LED screens will display the image clearly, with vivid colors and optimal brightness.

3. Mokolight



If you want to get an LED screen of high quality at an ideal price, try to find an overseas manufacturer. Mokolight, as one of the representative companies in China, manages to produce LED products with cutting-edge technology and the best materials. Mokolight has worked in the LED industry for 16 years and is an expert in designing and producing LED screens to meet customers’ needs. All of the products are manufactured in-house, which means the whole process is under supervision and every product will go through professional tests. Mokolight gets certifications like UL, BSCI, etc. You can click “contact us” and simply tell Moko what you want to find in the perfect LED screens.

4. Nanolumens



Nanolumens is famous for its invention of NanoFlex 112″, the world’s first large-format flexible display. Since its foundation in 2006, Nanolumens has kept producing and innovating in the LED display industry. They seek the best solutions after fully understanding the customers’ requests and using high-performing materials to bring the ideas to life. Their LED screens have the best features and take the visuals to the next level. Besides, you can try one of the most advanced solutions to monitor your screens, which is called OMNIS. All the infrastructure has been simplified to minimize the BTU load and rack needs.

5. Pixelflex



Pixelflex is an award-winning US manufacturer that provides the most suitable LED screen solutions, products of high quality, and reliable service. At Pixelflex, you can find a whole series of Flex LED screens to match different needs and applications. What’s more, you can consult with the architects, designers, and engineers for the optimal result of your project. Their LED screens vary in terms of installation, resolution, and other configurations. You can maintain these LED screens from both the front and rear sides, and the whole process is really easy and convenient. They aim to produce LED screens that are economically friendly, achieving the best effect within your budget.

Frequently asked questions about Advertising LED Screen

What is an advertising LED screen?

The advertising LED screen is an electronic device that is composed of a number of LED dot matrices. LED display screens consist of a power supply system, a control system, and a display module. And the modular structure controls these light beads to turn on and off to achieve the timely conversion of text, animation, pictures, and video. For the full-color LED screen, there will be three or more diodes to make up the pixels, basically three diodes that emit red, green, and blue light. By changing the portions of these three primary colors and combining them for new colors, LED screens display colorful images.

3 types of advertising LED screen

Indoor LED display: The luminous point of this type of advertising LED screen is small, generally from Φ3mm to Φ8mm. And the size is generally several to more than ten square meters.

Semi-outdoor display screen: a semi-outdoor display screen has a medium pixel size, which is between indoor and outdoor display screens. It is often found on the lintels of hospitals, shopping malls, or banks.

Outdoor LED display screen: As the largest type of LED display screen, its size can be up to 100 square meters. Also, this LED display screen is the brightest one for clear outdoor display. Its pixel pitch can be divided into P20, P16, P12, P13.3, P10, P8, P6, P5, P4, and P3. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance. Outdoor LED display screens can work under conditions of strong sunshine, wind, and rain.

Advantages of advertising LED screen

  1. Good advertising effect

The LED screen is super bright and can display images clearly. Even over a long distance, it has high visibility. It can show all the details of the advertisements vividly. Meanwhile, it is weatherproof. It has a wide audience, a high transmission rate, and a better effect.

  1. Safe and energy saving

The LED display has low requirements for the outdoor environment. It can be used normally at a temperature of -20°to 65°. Besides, it emits little heat and has a long service life.

  1. Low modification costs

For traditional ways of advertising, such as printing brochures, if you need to change the content, it will take a lot of manpower and material resources. For LED displays, it will be much simpler. You can modify the content on the terminal device, which is convenient and quick.


The above are the top 6 advertising LED screen manufacturers for 2024. Have you found one that fits your project? For discovering more advertising LED screen manufacturers, you can check the manufacturer catalog website, attend related exhibitions, or ask a friend. If you want an LED screen of high quality at a lower price, you can search for Chinese manufacturers at Alibaba. I hope you find the right one as soon as possible and create wonderful OOH advertisements!

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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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