Top 5 LED Aquarium Light Manufacturers 2024


As you may have known, your aquariums need special lighting and temperatures to maintain a good condition for both the fish and the plants. Except for beautifying the aquariums, aquarium LED lights help with the growth and photosynthesis of the plants and make the bodies of your fish more colorful. So aquarium LED lights are different from the common LED lights, and you need to find a reliable manufacturer that produces these specialized lights. The following passage is a guide that will help you find the best LED aquarium light manufacturers 2024. Read it, and then you will have more options when choosing LED aquarium lights!

Top 5 LED aquarium light manufacturers 2024

1. Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company



Rang Dong is Vietnam’s No. 1 lighting manufacturer and was established in 1961. Rangdong is always at the top of the list of Vietnam’s Largest Companies, ASEAN Famous Brands, Glod Classified Products, etc. The quality of their products is managed digitally and tested to ISO standards. They have a mature electronic assembly line, and every year they produce 100 million units of LED lighting for consumers. Besides production, they also manage to design different types of products and make use of their designing ability in every step of production. The aquarium lights they produce are stable and can work in high-humidity environments. The brightness is adjustable for different types of plants.

2. Mokolight



Mokolight designs and manufactures top-notch aquarium lights that provide optimal lighting and temperatures. The area of Moko’s factory has reached 13,000 m2, and every month it produces over 30,000 LED products. For 16 years, Moko has kept the principle of providing LED lights of the highest quality and assures clients of this through quality control tests and certifications like UL, BSCI, etc. As a first-class Chinese manufacturer, Moko offers a competitive price, 24/7 customer support, a short lead time, and the fastest delivery. Moko’s aquarium lights are sure to save you money because they emit little light, consume little energy, and have a long service life. Moko is also okay with customized requests. Don’t wait and tell Moko what you want!

3. CTLite



CTLite was founded in 2012 and has done research on the highest technology for many years. They believe that providing the best service to their customers and developing the highest technology are the most important factors for their success. They have a strong R&D team, and the employees are highly educated. Moreover, they cooperate with university institutions for the development of high-tech products. CTLite focuses on the production of LED aquarium lights and grow lights. They offer products that are safe and of high quality and professional customer service for both domestic and foreign clients.




LEDINPRO is an innovative and professional LED light manufacturer that mainly produces LED commercial lights, livestock lights, aquarium lights, etc. They focus on quality and professionalism and have provided innovative products since 2006. Customers’ specialized needs are their principle when producing LED lights, as they try their best to find the optimal solutions and technology. They believe that the value of the products comes from whether they provide satisfactory service or not. Now there are over 200 staff at LEDINPRO, and they have helped clients in over 22 countries find their ideal LED lights.

5. Aqualeds



Aqualeds is a German aquarium LED light manufacturer who first started the idea of producing aquarium light in 2010. They aim to develop and produce aquarium lights that are of high quality, waterproof, and have a long lifespan. In 2018, they managed to increase the influence of their brand and began to build aquarium lights for hotels and restaurants. As a German manufacturer, they get the components from German suppliers and supervise every step of the production to ensure high quality. The aquarium lights they produce have a special system of cooling and are absolutely silent. These lights help with the growth of colorful plants and are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Q&A about the LED aquarium light

Q: What is the best light source for aquarium?

Nowadays, most aquarium lights on the market are LED lights, and there are reasons for their popularization. LED lights are the best light source for aquarium lights because they have a longer service life than other lights. LED lights belong to a cold light source and emit little light, and since the service life of a light is closely related to the heat, LEDs can work up to 10,000 hours. Little heat emission has another advantage, namely that it will not have much influence on the temperature of the water.

Q: What LED light is the best for fish?

The color of the aquarium lights should be determined according to the type of fish. The white light source is the closest to sunlight in nature and is suitable for most tropical fish because they can fully display their natural colors. Lights of other colors can help add color to the fish. For example, for parrotfish, red light is helpful for their red color to be more vivid. Besides the color, an LED light should also be suitable for the photosynthesis of plants so that they can produce enough oxygen for the fish. There are two types of light that help plants photosynthesize. One is a blue cold light wave with a wavelength of about 435nm, and the other is red light with a wavelength of around 610nm.

Q: How to choose LED aquarium lights?


As we mentioned above, colorful aquarium lights are helpful for your aquarium. But there are things you need to pay attention to. It is not advisable to put the fish with unstable colors under strong light for a long time because they will be likely to fade. So it will be convenient if the light has a timer switch. Before you choose an aquarium light, you need to know about your fish first.

Wattage of aquarium lights

The wattage of aquarium lights depends on the size of the aquarium, the type of aquatic plants, and the depth of the water. Generally, one watt of light power is required per liter of water. High-light plants need more light than shade plants. For a wider fish tank, if two or more lamp tubes are used, the effect will be better.


Aquarium lights are not like the common LED lights since there are many things that you need to be careful about. Therefore, you need the advice of experts and the correct recommendation. That’s why you should look for some of the best aquarium light manufacturers. Those manufacturers that are experienced and certified by authorities can be the best choices. I’m sure you will find the best aquarium light manufacturer after thorough consideration!

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Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
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