2024 TOP 10 Best LED Manufacturers in India

TOP 10 Best LED Manufacturers in India

India, as the fifth largest consumer of electricity in the world, actively facilitates its LED manufacturing industry. The huge market potential has attracted a large number of international LED manufacturers, and also promoted the expansion of local LED manufacturers in India.

Fortunately, more LED manufacturers in India are available to LED customers, but more importantly, to figure out which one is qualified as your trusted LED supplier for customizable LED solutions.

Choose LED Manufacturers in India

The first suggestion is to consider buying from a LED lighting manufacturer that offers products and services that exactly meet your needs or those of your customers. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth stating that your commercial LED needs must be clarified in advance.

Product selection, customization capabilities, lead times, and support are some important factors that are unique to each manufacturer. Before you make a decision, your requirements must be made clear and used as a bottom line when you actually develop the trade relationship with the LED manufacturer. Then consider these questions:

  1. Are their clients satisfied?

In your early research, check the official website of your preferred manufacturers for posted customer testimonials, to find out how satisfied customers are. As you browse their sites, see if they mention brands or client names they have worked with; if some well-known brands are pointed out, you can glean some insight into their reputation in the lighting industry.

  1. What do they provide?

How do they make your life easier compared to other LED manufacturers? Does it fit your needs? Will they follow through? Ask these key questions or check out their website homepage or about us page to see what they are most proud of. Product quality, R&D personnel, customization, and lead times are common ways to provide value; therefore, take a look at their priorities and check whether they meet your requirements for an eligible LED manufacturer.

  1. What certifications do they offer?

Set other concrete or statistical criterion for your product inspection, to ensure the products you receive can really help to create the custom LED lighting solution you want. Just be sure to ask your LED supplier ahead, so you don’t worry about whether your project will go smoothly.

  1. What support do they provide?

Ask about the resources and tools the LED manufacturer could offer; product information, project support, installation guides and technical assistance, to see if you can get instructions for their technical support or customer service.

  1. How soon can we expect to receive the LED products?

This is a question that needs to be satisfactorily addressed if you are working to a deadline. Time is money. Asking this question is actually to set your expectations. Of course, being faster is usually better, especially for commercial construction, but it is not bad to be on time.

Taking your time to answer five questions below will help ensure that you find a suitable LED light manufacturer that will provide high-quality lighting products with exceptional service.

Here, MokoLight will list the top ten best LED manufacturers in India, namely Philips, Surya, Havells, Bajaj, Wipro, OSRAM, Syska, GE lighting and MIC Electronics for your quick reference. All the LED suppliers we select have opened their own factory in India, but we cannot guarantee that all LED products from these companies are locally manufactured rather than imported and assembled.

BrandProduct FeaturesAreas of Expertise
PhilipsStylish design, cost-efficient, various LED optionsGreen LEDs, sports lighting, decorative lighting
Suryamercury-free, energy-savingConsumer and professional lighting
Havellsadaptive tech; a huge range of products and pricesResidential lighting
Bajajecologically sound, durable, multi-coloredSolar lighting, street lighting, rural electrification
Wiprounique design, glare control, amazing color mixingLandscape lighting, petrol lighting, entertainment and retail lighting
OSRAMenergy-efficient, eco-friendly, quality assuredAutomotive lighting, electronic control and display optics
Syskalonger lifespan, non-mercury, instant responseIndustrial and commercial lighting
Evereadyhigh lumen output, long life-span, fair pricesDomestic, commercial applications
GE Lightingsuperior quality, unique design, energy-efficientAviation, power, gas lighting, energy management
MIC Electronicshigh-quality; wide range of productsLED general lighting and LED displays

TOP 10 Best LED Manufacturers in India

TOP 10 Best LED Manufacturers in India

Philips Lighting India

Location: Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad

Products: light bulbs, decorative lights, downlights, tube lights, and other LED and conventional luminaries, smart lighting, switches & accessories

Applications: indoor & outdoor, public spaces, office and industry, retail and hospitality

Philips Lighting India Pvt. Ltd., is one of the most well-known and well-liked LED manufacturers in India. The main business sectors for Philips in India span more than 75 years and include lights, electric lamps, lighting electronics, automobiles, and speciality lighting. Approximately 4,500 individuals are employed by the organization nationwide. A top-notch pan-India distribution and after-sales service network is also available from Philips.

Surya Roshni

Location: New Delhi

Products: LED lamps, LED down lighters, LED fittings, smart lighting, street & flood lights, torches & extension boards, GLS & FTL, FTL fittings & ballast

Applications: residential, industrial electronics and commercial space solutions

In terms of LED lighting manufacturing, Surya is only second to Phillips, with a market share of around 25% in India. For their unrivaled design, adaptable size, and product accessibility, Surya has attracted a sizable following of devoted customers.

Now, Surya, as India’s largest multinational company, exports to over 50 countries with a turnover of close to Rs. 40 billion. It is also the only business that is entirely backward integration, which means that all of its products are manufactured locally in India.

Havells India

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Products: home art light, glam tubes, smart lighting, LED recess panels, LED spot lights, LED COB, downlighter, LED lamps, portable lighting, LED strips, LED outdoor, LED battens

Applications: indoor commercial, outdoor LED luminaries, street light and mini mast solutions

Havells India is the top electronics manufacturer and renowned producer of power distribution equipment. Founded in 1958, it is regarded as one of India’s leading LED manufacturers. It was ranked 25th among the top 1200 most trusted brands in India in 2014 and has 94 branches and registered offices across more than 50 nations. Due to its high-quality products and prompt service, it receives the fewest complaints from customers and has the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Bajaj Electricals

Location: Sion East, Mumbai

Products: LED luminaries, high mast lighting, poles, IBMS, lighting for home or domestic applications

Applications: indoor&outdoor luminaries, smart lighting, solar solutions for solar car parking/carport, micro grid and utility solar ground mount projects

Bajaj Electricals Ltd., as one of the oldest LED lighting companies in India, focuses on LED lighting and solar solutions for infrastructure construction.

With more than 75 years of experience in the lighting industry, Bajaj Electricals,has been a forerunner in rural grid extension and street lighting, offering solar lighting and LED lighting solutions to engineering and lighting projects in India.

Wipro Lighting

Location: Bangalore, Karanataka

Products: recessed lights, suspended lights, landscape luminaries, down lighters, high-bay & mid-bay luminaries, surface-mounted luminaries, street lights, floodlights

Applications: modern workplace lighting, retail interior solutions, industrial and outdoor lighting

Wipro, established in 1945, is the top LED lighting company in landscape lighting, and also currently the number one lighting supplier for new generation gasoline retail outlets, thanks to its distinctive designs and high lumen output.

Boosted by a vast statewide network of 35 branches and more than 400 reliable vendors, Wipro is renowned for its being LED manufacturer of smart bulbs and other lighting products.


Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Products: down lights, spot lights, track lights, troffer panels, battens, high & low bay lights, flood & tunnel lights

Applications: automotive lighting, horticulture lighting, UV medical lighting, office lighting, retail lighting, entertainment lighting, facade illumination

Osram, one of the industry’s top LED lighting manufacturer worldwide, has been offering cutting-edge, environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions for more than a century. With branches across over 150 nations, it also has 41,000 employees worldwide.

Syska LED Lights

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Products: LED bulbs and battens, smart bulbs, emergency lights, table lamps, ceiling lights, decor lighting, commercial lights

Applications: residential, commercial outdoor, and industrial & decorative LED solutions

Another well-known manufacturer in LED lighting industry is Syska LED from SSK Group. Founded only twenty years ago, it already has a massive following in India thanks to its clever innovations, reasonable cost, cutting-edge technology, outstanding energy efficiency, and great durability.

Eveready Industries India

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Products: LED bulbs, LED Battens, emergency LEDs, LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED panels, smart & ambient lighting, flashlight

Applications: indoor commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting

As a domestic LED manufacturer in India, Eveready is based on Kolkata and lasts for over hundred years. It provides a wide range of lighting solutions to meet both urban and rural consumers’ diverse lighting needs.

Like all the local companies, Eveready sells LED bulbs for incredibly affordable costs, without sacrificing high lumen output and long lifespan. As a result, it would be a fantastic option for both household and business purposes.

GE Lighting India

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Products: LED bulbs, tubes, decorative lights, HD lights, ceiling fan lights, recessed & track lights, spot & flood lights

Applications: stage and studio, signage, automotive, office, roadway, sports, retail lighting solutions

GE Lighting is the top LED manufacturers of entertainment lighting in the global market. Since its establishment in 1992, GE Lighting India, with a constant strategy of innovation, has been selling a variety of best-in-class, energy-efficient, and high-quality light luminaries in India. For now, it employs about 15,000 people across more than 100 different nations.

MIC Electronics

Location: Cherlapally, Hyderabad, Rangareddi, Telangana

Products: LED bulbs, tube lights, down lights, area lights, home lights, lanterns

Applications: indoor & outdoor lighting, solar lighting, street lighting, parking lighting, LED portables

MIC Electronics Ltd., a global innovator in LED lighting and LED display systems, was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in India.

As an experienced LED manufacturer, MIC Electronics operates on a national scale, and even supplied multi-color, multilingual online train information LED displays to Central South Railway.

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Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
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