Full spectrum led protects teenagers’ vision

Full spectrum led protects teenagers' vision

With the fierce competition in society, studying well has become an important way for many people to enter the upper class, and a good university diploma has become an excellent stepping stone. The light emitted by the lighting tools in many homes and classrooms does not protect people’s eyes well and accelerates the shortsightedness of young people. The lighting of full-spectrum LED lights is similar to natural light, and the color rendering index is high, which is very beneficial to the protection of young people’s eyes. The development of full-spectrum LEDs in the field of indoor lighting is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the development of LED lights.

Vision of teenagers

At present, the incidence of myopia in children and adolescents is increasing year by year, with high incidence, and younger age, which has become a problem that cannot be ignored in the public health security of many countries. According to the results of the 2020 Myopia Survey of Children and Adolescents of the World Eye Protection Association, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in the world in 2020 is 23.6%. Among them, 8.5% of 6-year-old children, 16.0% of elementary school students, 31.6% of junior high school students, and 41.0% of high school students. The task of prevention and control of myopia is arduous.

The problem of myopia in children and adolescents has also attracted the attention of many countries. The World Eye Protection Association proposes: The whole society should take action to take good care of children’s eyes and let them have a bright future. Many countries have issued relevant regulations on eye protection to surround the eyes of young people and escort the health of young people’s eyes.

Improve lighting environment and myopia

There are many factors that affect the visual health of children and adolescents. One of the important factors is the unqualified classroom lighting environment. As a key factor directly related to the eye health of students, classroom lighting is attracting public attention. A good classroom lighting environment can not only effectively reduce students’ visual fatigue, regulate human rhythms, and improve people’s mood, but also improve efficiency. Therefore, how to create a healthier and more comfortable light environment has become a hot topic of social discussion.

With the maturity and development of LED technology, manufacturing full-spectrum LEDs similar to the solar spectrum has become a hot spot in the industry. Full-spectrum LED will become the next outlet of the lighting industry, and its demand potential is huge. Therefore, many manufacturers have carried out related research and development and layout, and MOKOLight, as one of the world’s well-known LED device and module companies, has also made related layouts.

Recently, I was fortunate to have a long communication with Dr. FeiPneg, the project director of MOKOLight. She shared with us some of her thoughts on full-spectrum LEDs, the company’s dynamics, and the outlook for the industry.

Move the solar spectrum indoors, full spectrum LED can be realized

Dr. FeiPeng said that humans have been accustomed to the solar spectrum for millions of years, and have only started to use artificial light sources for nearly 100 years. The poor quality of the light source will cause many problems, such as eye fatigue and myopia. This is because the spectrum of artificial light sources is different from the solar spectrum. If the spectrum technology of artificial light sources can be improved to make it as close to the solar spectrum as possible, it will greatly reduce the occurrence of visual problems.

The maturity and development of LED technology has opened a window for the emergence of full spectrum. The reason is that LED has three characteristics: first, “capable”, which is reflected in the high efficiency and long life of LED; second, “modesty” is reflected in LED Its small size and sweet price; third, “innovation” is reflected in the variety and infinite possibilities of LED. In terms of spectrum, compared to other technologies, LED has the opportunity to be closer to the solar spectrum. Therefore, by moving the solar spectrum indoors, full-spectrum LEDs can be realized.

MOKOLight full-spectrum LED includes two solutions, a strong R&D team

Dr. FeiPeng said that the full-spectrum LED launched by MOKOLight includes two schemes: violet chip excitation and blue-chip excitation.

The LED purple chip solution has excellent light quality, which is almost close to the solar spectrum. In the state of 5000K color temperature, Ra 100; In the state of 3000K color temperature, Ra 97.

Another blue-chip + multi-color phosphor solution, Ra 96 at a color temperature of 5000K; Ra 97 at a color temperature of 2700K, is a star product with high luminous efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the full-spectrum family of products.

According to reports, MOKOLight has a team of high-tech talents that has been committed to the development and production of flip-chip chips since 2006. In 2011, it developed flip-chip wire-free chip-level packaging technology, which is the first in the international LED industry to achieve flip-chip LED chip-level packaging. Light source enterprise. There is an in-depth study on the understanding and application of the phosphor mechanism, as well as the combination of different powders and different lights. MOKOLight has maintained close cooperation with relevant foreign scientific research institutions for a long time, and participated in the research of some topics to better apply technology to products. Through repeated trials and research, MOKOLight full-spectrum LED products have been widely used by customers at home and abroad.

Full spectrum LED applications will continue to expand, promising prospects

According to Dr. FeiPeng, at present, the application areas of full-spectrum LEDs are mainly classroom lighting and home lighting. In the future, it will cut into some places with higher light quality requirements, such as museums, some shops with higher decoration requirements, or other consumer places. , The application area will gradually expand. Moreover, lighting manufacturers have been looking for how to upgrade their products. Full-spectrum LEDs will also be a new selling point for lighting manufacturers.

For the future development prospects of full-spectrum LEDs, Dr. FeiPeng expressed optimism. According to relevant data, the world is entering a new stage of consumption upgrading. People are paying more and more attention to their own lectures. The consumption trend generally extends to the experience-oriented and healthy-oriented fields. The quality of life is the current state of life that people are pursuing. The latter is the main force in this consumption transformation. Consumers hope to have better products and services to replace the existing ones, so as to obtain a more comfortable and superior life. This is a desire for quality products and a manifestation of consumption upgrades.

Moreover, with the continuous development of the LED industry, new technologies and

applications will drive the rapid growth of the industry, and the maturity of technology will bring about price and performance improvements, which will inevitably promote a substantial increase in the penetration rate of related fields and create new application areas and new demands. , The market scale will be further expanded.

MOKOLight has been committed to creating a healthy LED light environment

Although full-spectrum LED has become a new blue ocean in the lighting industry, it is still in a groping forward stage. Many technical problems need to be overcome, unified standards need to be formulated, and consumers need a process to truly understand and accept. The promotion of manufacturers has been hindered to a certain extent. Although full-spectrum LEDs are currently facing many challenges and difficulties, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the pursuit of healthy life and quality of life is getting higher and higher, and the technical bottleneck in the field of light will continue to be broken through, and it is more suitable for human lighting. Will continue to be developed.

MOKOLight has always been committed to creating a healthy LED light environment, contributing its own strength to the early realization of bringing sunlight into the room, and working with the industry to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the LED industry.


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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
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