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As a professional LED street lighting manufacturer, MokoLight has always put first personal safety and quality of life for citizens, and we proudly declare that we are capable of producing street lights that satisfy all your imagination.
Avec 17+ years of LED manufacturing experience, superb manufacturing capabilities, and a strict quality inspection process, to ensure the quality of our LED street lights; more importantly, we have professional technical support, a senior sales team, and 3-year after-sales service, for your peace of mind.

Street Lighting to be Upgraded

Street lighting occurs when people move around at night. In the beginning, people only want to see the road under their feet, but now people want to have more outdoor entertainment at night. Because of that, street lights have developed from high-pressure sodium lamps to energy-saving lamps, and finally into LED lamps, which are said to be the most suitable choice for street lights, because of greater efficiency, long lifespan, and reduced maintenance, while the conventional counterparts have been gradually eliminated with the times. Maybe it’s time to refresh your old neighborhood with advanced lighting products!

LED Street Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of LED street lighting products, mainly the COB LED street light, glass cover LED street light and adjustable bracket LED street light, to meet all of your exact needs for public welfare or for commercial, industrial applications.

COB LED Street Light

COB LED Street Light

Glass Cover LED Street Light

Glass Cover LED Street Light

Adjustable Bracket LED Street Light

Adjustable Bracket LED Street Light

MokoLight's Advantages in LED Street Lighting

MokoLight attaches greater importance to LED street lighting because it helps reduce the risks of traffic accidents at night and provide more spaces for people to wind up at night. So LED street lights we manufacture all come with clearer viewing, no glare and low maintenance while complying with national standards.

Clear Viewing

Compared with sodium lamp, our LED street lights has nearly 3X higher color rendering , which means much clearer vision, thanks to LED chips and drivers from world-famous suppliers like MEAN WELL or OSRAM.

No Glare

Driven by constant yet low current, our LED street lamps give out lights evenly without low glare or flicker that cannot tell from bare eyes; would not lead to dark spots, or affect the way of driving.

Energy Saving

To remain the same amount of light, our LED street lamps require 80% less energy than their counterparts. For large project like this, the LED street lights help save much energy and cut costs over the years.

Low Maintenance

Our LED street lamps passed IP65 tests, and covered with powder coating and equipped with surge protection device, making it resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, even lightning.

Choose the Best LED Street Lights

With the development of cities, more public facilities like urban street lights are in huge demand. Ainsi, how to select the street lights befitting the current road conditions has become an issue. Here, I will explain the performance, advantages and disadvantages of various street lights from several aspects, to help you make the best choice.

Lighting Types
Street lighting are easily categorized into conventional high-pressure sodium lamps and LED lamps according to lighting types. Cependant, LED lights have gradually replaced traditional high-pressure sodium lamps for its energy saving, efficient lighting effects, and longer service life. LED lights can easily adjust the color temperature and output power of lamps, and greatly improves the humanization of street lighting. Aussi, LED lights are green and environmentally friendly lamps that do not pollute the surrounding environment.

Power Supply Mode
In terms of the usage life, street lighting project includes old light renovation and new street lamp construction. The old lamp renovation is only to replace lamps, as other supporting facilities for street lamps are already available, so the mains lamps are our best choice. For new street lamp construction, all supporting facilities must be built from scratch and we should choose the street lights based on its road conditions. If the road to be built is the main arterial road of the city, we can install city circuit lights to improve lighting, as the required lighting requirements are high, and the power grid around the city is complete. If it is a rural road or an area where it is not convenient to connect to the surrounding electricity, we can consider solar street lights for lighting, which can provide lighting and facilitate installation.

Economical Costs
Compared with municipal circuit lamps, solar street lights require a large initial investment, but there is fewer costs in the later stage, while municipal circuit lamps have to pay higher electricity bills all the time. Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, LED street lamps require a large initial investment, but the energy saving LEDs come more with operational stability will show great advantages in later work.

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