Sustainability means responsibility towards the customer, employees, shareholders, society and environment. As a renowned manufacturer of LED lighting, MokoLight believes we can make a significant contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Our dedication guarantees that we do and will simplify our processes, products, and services, reduce negative environmental effects, and continuously work toward an environmentally friendly society.


MokoLumière, as a world-famous LED lighting manufacturer, prioritizes responsible practices throughout its value chain, including the careful use of resources, protecting the environment, ensuring good working conditions, promoting health and safety, and complying with human rights, for a more sustainable future.

For Environment

MokoLight is dedicated to environmentally responsible practices that conserve resources and create innovative, energy-efficient products. We aim to continuously improve our operations to reduce our ecological footprint and stay competitive in the market.

We prioritize sustainability in our operations, supply chain, and products. We use energy-efficient LED products to reduce emissions and improve cost-effectiveness. We collaborate with reliable suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing and prioritize sustainability and safety in manufacturing. We also develop innovative lighting technology to enhance safety, security, santé, and wellbeing, to expand our positive impact on the international community.

For Society

The contributions of our staff and partners are crucial to the long-term success of our company. Their rights, health and safety are of high priority for us. MokoLight sees itself also as being part of society, which means our responsibility extends beyond the confines of the company.

MokoLight prioritizes ethical and fair business practices, including compliance with human rights, labor laws, and anti-bribery regulations. We prohibit child labor, ensure fair dealings with suppliers and stakeholders, and create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We also engage in initiatives for corporate citizenship and sustainable development.

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