LED Grow Lights from MokoLight

Grow lights are indispensable for commercial planting and vertical farming. Luckily, MokoLight’s LED full-spectrum grow lights provide more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly planting solutions, to ensure your richer harvest.

Our Commitment

We have a passion to create a better world with our LED grow lights and accessories from MokoLight. This passion is alive today as we continue to advance in the LED industry, and customer services are always considered a top priority for us. Thus, when you purchase from MokoLight, you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a team and a partnership. We are keeping providing unparalleled value to all our clients well after the purchase through deep industry connections, technical support, cultivation consultations, and more.

Reasons to Purchase from MokoLight

Higher Quality

MokoLight guarantees product quality from concept to completion thanks to internal engineers and manufacturing oversight. All products have received third-party trust certification.

Lower Prices

All of our products are designed, manufactured, and distributed by MokoLight, which explains why our costs are so low. We eliminate wholesale middlemen and convert their profit margins into savings for our clients.

Fast Shipping

Samples will arrive in 24 hours at the fastest. With our professional order management system and reliable logistics partners, all MokoLight products can be delivered no later than 20 дни.

3-Year Warranty

We offer a 3-year warranty on all MokoLight products. We have 100% confidence in our quality and performance.

LED Grow Light Blog

Applications of LED Grow Lights

Indoor Planting

Indoor Planting

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming



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