ZigBee Smart Light Solutions

What Is ZigBee Smart Light

In ZigBee smart light systems, smartphones are used to play the role of coordinator that can transmit and send commands to ZigBee smart LED lights. The communication distance of ZigBee is about 75 to 100 meters indoors and 300 meters in the open air. It is featured with strong and stable signal coverage, which allows us to control the LED lights even in a far distance by using our smartphones. In a word, ZigBee smart light is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Highlights of ZigBee Smart Light

Brightness Adjustment

Brightness Adjustment

High brightness when studying and working, low brightness when resting and relaxing, adjust brightness freely to meet the needs of different scenes

Cool & Warm Light ​

Cool & Warm Light

Cold light can light up daily life, while warm light creates a romantic atmosphere, and color temperature adjustment makes lighting the best decoration

Various Colors Adjustable​

Various Colors Adjustable

16 million colors available, offering more options for you to show

Available for All User​

Available for All Users

Both Android and Apple Systems Supported



Turn on or turn off the lights after the countdown is over, and the time to turn off the lights or turn on the lights is self-defining

Scene Switching​

Scene Switching

Preset rich scenes, one-click switching is supported

Music Rhythm​

Music Rhythm

The lights would change with the rhythm, creating a great atmosphere

Timing Switch​

Timing Switch

The light can be turned on or off regularly according to your requirement to free your hands

Guard the House​

Guard the House

Turn on the house-guarding mode with one click, simulate someone at home when you are away from home, and take care of the home for you.

Power-off Memory​

Power-off Memory

Intelligently memorize the light status before power-off, automatically restore the light status before power-off when power-on, and support user-defined lighting status when power-on

Dimming Curve​

Dimming Curve

A dimming curve can achieve a slow-to-fast brightness change, which will make the dimming performance of the lamp look better on the senses

Circadian Rhythms​

Circadian Rhythms

The color temperature and brightness of different periods are automatically adjusted according to the circadian rhythms, which is good for our health.

Various Applications of ZigBee Smart Light

Landscape Lighting by Zigbee Smart Light

Landscape Lighting

ZigBee light strips can be easily bent to achieve different shapes. With different colors of lights, the building shapes and garden landscapes can be outlined in different postures.
The color temperature and lighting colors can be adjusted at will to make the landscape suitable for different festivals.

Home Lighting Automation

ZigBee smart lighting systems can make our home lighting more automatic and intelligent. It supports remote control of the color, switch of the light, making our life more convenient.

Home Lighting Automation by Zigbee Smart Light
Building Lighting by Zigbee Smart Light

Building Lighting

ZigBee smart lighting is widely used for kinds of buildings, for instance, when we use the ZigBee smart light for the office building, we can set the lighting turn-on and turn-off time in each floor according to the working time of employees.

ZigBee Smart Light Solutions from MOKO

Zigbee LED Bulb

ZigBee LED Bulb

Supports controlling lights at a distance of about 100 meters, including controlling their on/off, color, brightness, and more.
Widely used for home lighting, office lighting, and outdoor lighting.

Zigbee LED Strips

ZigBee LED Strips

This kind of strip can be easily assembled to any place you want, such as the living room, yard, playground, hotels to create different atmospheres by adjusting different light colors. And there are several modes that can be switched with just one click to match with various scenes.

What You Can Get by Working with MOKO?

Fill Your Expertise Gap

MOKO specializes in manufacturing and designing smart LED lights. We have provided kinds of lighting solutions for customers such as LED grow light solutions, WIFI& Bluetooth lighting solutions, and ZigBee-based smart lighting solutions. If you lack expertise in smart lighting, don’t worry, MOKO will take care of it from designing, manufacturing, to assembly, testing, and delivery. With more than 10 years of project experience, we are much confident to offer the best smart lighting solutions for you.

Premium Products

Our factory has already got the certification of ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, ROHS, and UL listed, which means that our production processes and LED products can reach the international standard or even higher. We strictly control the quality of our products, and our 100% test guarantees the high-quality of our products.

On-Time Delivery

There are more than 450 skilled workers at MOKO who can control and supervise the whole production schedule, making sure that all steps are going smoothly to shorten the turnaround time. In addition, MOKO is located in Shenzhen city and adjacent to Hong Kong, with convenient sea, land, and air transportation, which will help us to speed up the transportation time, so we can always deliver our products to customers on time.

How to Work with Us

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