MokoLight: Professional LED PCB Design Services

MOKOLight le jump'éel proveedor líder yéetel diseño PCB LED ti' China. We experts in offering fast and reliable LED PCB design services, and also deliver custom LED PCBs with multiple layers, ka'anal velocidad yéetel ka'anal densidad, thanks to our extensive LED knowledge and PCB design experience. Bejla'e', MokoLight has helped thousands of customers all over the world bringing their products to market as quickly as possible. Je'el u páajtal k ofrecer yik'áalil PCB LED u ka'anal calidad ti' le tojol asab competitivos ka meentik le ti' soluciones diseño u PCB LED utia'al tech.

Why Choose MokoLight?

With its high-quality materials, ma'alo'obtal avanzada, fast delivery and convenient service, MokoLight stands out among other lighting companies, and always brings tons of surprising benefits to its clients.

Accurate Project Evaluation

With or without 3D/Gerber files, our engineering team will hear your needs, select the proper parameters and evaluate each project, to effectively help make the correct decision.

Free design for LED PCBs

Supported by our professional R&Nu'ukulil Mulix, we offer free designs for LED PCBs based on your requirements. The time for LED PCB design is as fast as 1-2 K'iino'.

Certificación autorizada

We provide compliance tests for our clients. We closely work with SGS and UL and can quickly provide UL, ETL, KA' CRISTO, Certificación FCC yéetel RoHS bey je'el ti' le requisitos le cliente.

Pruebas ya'ab k'oja'ano'ob.

All our LED PCB products must go through multiple tests before delivery, incluyendo E-test, prueba funcional, automatic optical inspection and flying probe test.

LED PCB Design & Layout Cases

MokoLight provides a wide range of LED PCB designs and layout schemes based on the realistic needs of our clients. AC220V LED PCB, UV395NM LED PCB, Nichia LED PCB and 5050 RGB LED PCB are our products recognized by most of our customers.



Nichia LED PCB


K'iinil diseño PCB LED u MOKOLight

• Professional design services for various types of PCBs, incluyendo jump'éel tin juunal wich, naaj wich, multicapa, rígido, flexionar, PCB rígido-flexible.
• FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, FR4 Libre u halógenos, CEM-1, CEM-3, Ka'anal TG, Xooko'obo' yéetel aluminio.
• HALS/lead-free HALS, Táak'iin químico, Estaño químico, Acabado superficial táak'iin inmersión.
• LED PCBA Prototyping.
• LED PCBA Manufacturing.
• Electrical & Pruebas funcionales.
• All printed circuit boards adhere to IPC Class 2 wa xook 3 estándares internacionales u PCB.
• Quantities range from prototype to volume production.

Check out Our EASY process

Simple and efficient operation process is a very important consideration in OEM service. MokoLight has used more than 16 years of time to continuously optimize the workflow and accumulate customer communication experience to help you quickly promote the LED project.

Free Consultation & Design

Give us the details of your LED project for a free consultation or the project feasibility evalution. We also give tips to help reduce your costs.

Quality & Quick Sampling

The quality sample will be quickly designed, produced and delievered to you within several days, for your finally comfirmation before mass production.

Manufacturing in Bulk

Yéetel 7 production assembly lines, 5 SMT lines and 3 DIP assembly lines, ka asab ti' 350 veteran workers, MokoLight creates the exact LED lights you request.

Packaging & Fast Delivery

After manufacturing, all the LED fixtures will undergo 100% product quality control and 5-stage product quality process within 20 K'iino', to ensure we give the best.

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