LED Light Manufacturer in China

MokoLight is a top-tier, cutting-edge LED light manufacturing center in China. We manufacture high-quality LED light products, including the finished fixtures and their components, for residential, comercial, and industrial uses.

Yéetel asab ti' 16 years of LED industry expertise and craftsmanship, we use premium raw materials, stringent manufacturing and testing procedures, and skillful veterans, to ensure our LED products are the best in the market. Our extensive line of LED goods is in-house produced , so we have complete control over both quality and functioning. We are capable of fabricating LED products specifically for your lighting needs, and help bring your innovative LED ideas into reality.

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Why Choose MokoLight?

16+ Years Experience

Asab u 16 years of expertise and craftsmanship in the LED industry.

Quality Guaranteed

Approved by ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI and UL.

Low Minimum Order

Small-quantity & large-scale orders accepted

Budget Price

We manufacture all standard orders in house so we can offer you an extremely competitive price.

Ku ts'áajik tu k'iinili'

With an average on-time delivery rate of up to 99.97%, MokoLight has a delivery time as fast as 3 K'iino'.

7/24 Tech Support

Our engineers work three shifts to give 24-hour support to different time zone customers

One-Stop Customized Services

LED Component Sourcing, Diseño, Fabricación, and Assembly

Component Sourcing

MokoLight has its own component sources and has built one platform with world-famous brands like Samsung, Orsam, and Mean Well, to satisfy the quality, cantidad, and other flexible needs of our clients in the short term and the future.

Customized Design

MokoLight, with over 16 ja'ab yaan, is capable of producing LED fixtures and their components for any of your specific needs, including the optical parameter, electrical parameter, spectra, Boonil, shape even the smart management system.

Mass Manufacturing

From prototype circuit boards to mass production, from fast turn to standard delivery time, MokoLight is your reliable PCB manufacturer, thanks to its leading-edge technology, sophisticated machines and talented teams.

Assembly of Parts

Yéetel 7 production lines, 5 SMT lines and 3 DIP assembly lines, MokoLight produces 30,000 fininshed products per day, 10,000,000 PCB core units per month, to accomplish your batch orders for electronic manufacturing and PCB assembly.

Testimonials from Our Customers

I received my first PCBs from you and they looked fantastic! Great product. Would try again.

Patrick Bourn

Norwich, UK


Very good quality and reliable PCB manufacturer. Always fast reply. Love it.

Harley Vaughn

Pixel Analytics Ltd.


I received my first PCBs from you and they looked fantastic! Great product. Would try again.

Hughie Collins

Lamp & Pencil Ltd.


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