WiFi Smart Lighting Solutions

What Is WiFi Smart Light?

The WiFi smart light uses the WiFi router as a communication hub, while no need to buy additional hubs. Through the WiFi connection, we can use our mobile phone to control the brightness, colors, switch, and other functions of the light. This kind of smart light is featured with very wide coverage that allows us to control lights remotely. In addition, WiFi can control a large number of smart lights, and the location of the lights can also be identified through the APP that also uses the WiFi connection.

Functions of WiFi Smart Light

Brightness Adjustment

Brightness Adjustment

High brightness when studying and working, low brightness when resting and relaxing, adjust brightness freely to meet the needs of different scenes

Cool & Warm Light ​

Cool & Warm Light

Cold light can light up daily life, while warm light creates a romantic atmosphere, and color temperature adjustment makes lighting the best decoration

Various Colors Adjustable​

Various Colors Adjustable

16 million colors available, offering more options for you to show

Available for All User​

Available for All Users

Both Android and Apple Systems Supported



Turn on or turn off the lights after the countdown is over, and the time to turn off the lights or turn on the lights is self-defining

Scene Switching​

Scene Switching

Preset rich scenes, one-click switching is supported

Music Rhythm​

Music Rhythm

The lights would change with the rhythm, creating a great atmosphere

Timing Switch​

Timing Switch

The light can be turned on or off regularly according to your requirement to free your hands

Guard the House​

Guard the House

Turn on the house-guarding mode with one click, simulate someone at home when you are away from home, and take care of the home for you.

Power-off Memory​

Power-off Memory

Intelligently memorize the light status before power-off, automatically restore the light status before power-on when power-off, and support user-defined lighting status when power-on

Dimming Curve​

Dimming Curve

A dimming curve can achieve a slow-to-fast brightness change, which will make the dimming performance of the lamp look better on the senses

Circadian Rhythms​

Circadian Rhythms

The color temperature and brightness of different periods are automatically adjusted according to the circadian rhythms, which is good for our health.

Various Applications of WiFi Smart Light

Lawn and Courtyard Lighting

Lawn and Courtyard Lighting

The lawn LED lights and other equipment in the courtyard realize intelligent group control, and we can DIY the lighting colors to create an excellent lighting experience for outdoor decoration and parties.

Commercial Lighting

Widely used for shopping malls, retail stores, coffee houses, offices, etc.
WiFi smart lights can be switched to different scene modes to attract the attention of consumers.

Commercial Lighting by WiFi Smart Light
Healthcare Center​ by WiFi Smart Light

Healthcare Center

WiFi smart lights can be used in healthcare centers. The human-centered lighting can create a relaxing rest area
for patients. The sleep-onset and wake-up functions developed according to photobiological science are beneficial to improving sleep quality.

WiFi Smart Light Solutions from MOKO

WIFI Smart LED Light

WiFi Smart LED Light

The lighting and color temperature of LED lights are freely controlled through the APP, especially during the festival, which can add a festive atmosphere.
You can set the turn-on and turn-off time to improve resource utilization and reduce waste.

WIFI Garden Light

WiFi Garden Light

Support basic lighting functions: dimming, color matching, scene and music mode.
Energy-saving mode: At night, the device automatically adjusts the brightness according to the battery level to maintain longer lighting.
Local RTC timing function

What Set Us Apart from Others?

Short Time to Market

MOKO has a highly integrated system that allows us to offer smart lighting solutions with a short turnaround time. From product design, software and hardware development to manufacturing and testing, we can handle the whole process for you, while you can pay attention to other aspects of your business. MOKO owns a professional R&D team composed of 70 engineers. Our expertise and experience ensure the smooth progress of projects, helping our clients to market new products as quickly as possible to improve their competitiveness.

Competitive Prices

Owning a factory that covers an area of more than 13000m², our in-house manufacturing helps us to control each production step and reduce the cost of the whole process. Our factory has already got the certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, ROHS, etc. On the other hand, we have built a stable supplier network, which confirms that we can always get materials at competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

MOKO has a series of quality check processes, from the raw materials to the final products, we would check them at a rate of 100%, making sure that every product delivered to customers is of high quality. In addition, we offer 3 years of warranty for our products, our after-market service can resolve your problems to your complete satisfaction.

How to Work with Us

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