да, we welcome sample order for quality check. Mixed samples are also acceptable.

Не постоји МОК за ОЕМ пројекте, ако желите да дизајнирате, ми ћемо понудити МОК према вредности

Ако користите познати бренд, живот је прошао 10 године. Ако користите обичне материјале, животни век је ту 3-5 године.

We often use Samsung, Осрам, Пхилипс, Црее, Сеул, Luminus, Епистар, Sanan. All led chips are 100% оригинал.

1-3 радних дана за наруџбу узорка, око 30 дана за поруџбине за масовну производњу (на основу различитих количина).

We can ship goods to you by DHL, Fedex, UPS, by Air, by Sea, by train, итд. You can also arrange the transport by yourself. Normally, if you choose express, the delivery time is 3-5days. If you choose by air, the delivery time is 2-4days. If you choose by sea or by train, the delivery time is around 25-35days.

да, our robust R&D team and Design department offer OEM design services for you.

да. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

We have strict quality control system. Our factory has been approved ISO9001. All production step are followed with the production requirements.

If there are any problems with our components(осим проблема са дизајном или клијента), we will definitely help our clients to solve them.
Први, for small quantities of defective goods, we will resend good products; For high value and large quantities, we offer 1-year free warranty. If the problem is with our components, we will bear all the losses, including shipping cost, порез, labor fee and other costs.
Друго, if our clients can repair goods at their local place, we will reach agreement with them and pay compensation for them.

Т/Т, Л/Ц, Вестерн Унион, Паипал, Есцров, Кредитна картица, итд.

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