Spider LED Grow Light

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What Can Our Spider LED Grow Light Bring You?

Full Spectrum

Our Spider Grow Light provides much more natural light for plants and a tailored light spectrum to promote plant growth at each stage of development.

High Light Efficiency

Under complete and uniform light, plants will grow better and the yield will be hugely enhanced accordingly.

Higher Yield

With outstanding canopy light penetration and bud density, you will probably obtain the yield out of your expectations.

Longer Lifespan

CE/RoHS certificated, over 100,000 hours lifetime

What Can Our Spider LED Grow Light Bring You?

Lower Operating Costs but Higher Yields

Our spider LED grow lights utilize the latest high-yield Samsung LM301B LED, with a high energy efficiency of 2.8 umol/J. They provide much better cover light penetration, resulting in maximum higher yields. Compared to the HPS, Blurple lamps or other SMD LEDs, they run 50% less power but produce 50% more output.

Upgraded Dimming Design

The dimming function of the FLX series spider lights has been improved a lot, with a dimming knob and a light on/off switch. You can adjust the light intensity at will with a single button. Multi-light connection with unified dimming is very helpful for large areas of both indoor and commercial planting.

Ideal for All Growth Phases

Our spider lights have outstanding full spectrum-warm white, cold white and deep red (3500K, 6500K and 660nm). 3500K diodes providing more reddish light are designed for full-cycle plant growth. Besides, 6500K diodes supply more blueish light, which helps to boost plant photosynthesis and growth. The 660nm red light plays a huge role throughout the whole flowering process, where it speeds up flowering time and increases yields.

Solid and Durable Construction

Passive cooling structure, no fans, noise-free; High-efficient, safe and detachable MEAN WELL driver power supply; Aluminum material with excellent heat dissipation performance; IP65 waterproofing; 180°folding design; Easy to install and operate; User-friendly packaging, etc. Premium components ensure the long service life of spider lights. This means that you can save much money without repairing or replacing your lights frequently.

Application of Spider LED Grow Light

Home Planting

High efficacy spider LED grow lights are ideal for various home personal usages, such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, succulents, etc.

Spider LED Grow Light used for Vegetable Cultivation

Vegetable Cultivation

Spider LED Grow Light used for Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Spider LED Grow Light used for Tomatoes


Commercial Cultivation

Aim to provide the best horticulture solutions for commercial cannabis and herb cultivators.

Spider LED Grow Light used for Cannabis


Spider LED Grow Light used for Medical Herbs

Medical Herbs

Why Choose MOKO for Spider LED Grow Light?

Rich Manufacturing Experience

With more than a decade of industry experience, MOKO is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of spider LED grow lights in China. We deliver a diverse range of custom LED grow light products to meet your requests, and you will find almost all the options you can imagine here. If you have custom and bulk wholesale requirements for spider grow lights, choose us to provide you with a more competitive price and help you succeed in your local market.

Rich Manufacturing Experience
Top-Class Products and Services

Top-Class Products and Services

Since its establishment in 2006, MOKOLight has stayed abreast with the times to provide the latest high quality LED grow lights for clients. We always keep customer needs in mind and put the product quality in the first place. We take pride in providing unparalleled customer service for every client, taking into account your time, budget and business needs. Although LED grow lights are constantly copied and imitated, they will never have our top quality or commitment. We offer 5-year of after-service to see to it that you can obtain authentic spider grow lights at an affordable price.

Quality Guarantee

We have a perfect production process and strict control system. We strictly control every procedure from components to finished lamps to ensure product quality. Each product will go through multiple times of quality control tests before being delivered to you. All the LED products are certificated by UL, ETL, CE, FCC and RoHS, complying with the international safety standards.

Quality Guarantee
Extensive Overseas Market

Broad Market Prospects

Thanks to our top quality services and competitive prices, spider grow lights are supplied all over the world, such as North America, Canada, the Netherlands, Russia, the UK, Germany, etc.
We have a large number of long-term reliable partners and numerous prospects from everywhere online and offline.

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