MOKOLight is a leading LED light manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce a broad range of top-notch SMD LED light for your choice. We also support custom-made orders to accommodate your unique lighting needs. If you have wholesale or custom requirements, contact us for a quote now.

A Brief Self-Recommendation - Why Choose MOKOLight?

Extensive Experience and Expertise

In the past decade, we have been providing innovative, intelligent LED lighting solutions for world-renowned brand companies. With extensive experience and expertise, we are capable of delivering top-notch products. We have been committed to developing, manufacturing and selling LED lights, thus wining the reputation as a trusted LED manufacturer in China.

Extensive Experience and Expertise
Free and Unique Design​

Free and Unique Design

We are aimed at offering free design solutions for each company to fit its unique lighting requirements. If you have any unique ideas, please feel free to communicate with us. Our professional design engineers for LED lights are willing to help you turn your concept into reality.

Excellent Performance and Durability

We place a high priority on the durability as well as the performance of LED lights. Rigorous quality control guarantees that our products are worth for your money. Depending on the types of products, we can offer a 1-5 year warranty.

Excellent Performance and Durability​
Timely and Thoughtful Customer Services​

Timely and Thoughtful Customer Services

We offer 24/7 online services and any questions or concerns from you will be replied within 12 hours. Our professionals are always available to provide expertise and they will discuss your project with you to best suit your lighting requirements.

Advantages of SMD LED Lights

Flexible in Designs

SMD LED lights are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. They can accommodate complicated designs, such as SMD 2835, SMD 3030, SMD 3014, and SMD 5050 with corresponding widths of 3.5mm, 3.0mm, 2.8mm, and 5 mm. Due to compact and flexible size, SMD LED lights are versatile and suitable for retrofitting.

Wider Beam Angle

Compared to regular LEDs, SMD LED lights can provide a larger beam angle, typically 120°, because they do not rely on an epoxy covering to focus the light. The wide beam angle produced by SMD LED lights enables a variety of applications, such as floodlights, spotlights and general lighting.

Better Light Distribution

SMD LED lights can emit different colors of light, such as red, green or blue, by adjusting the beam angle. Depending on different beam angles, a variety of color effects can be produced. SMD LED lights are able to produce bright light, with an output level of 50 to 100 lumens per watt.

More Energy Efficient and Long Lasting

SMD LED lights require less power hungry while generating more lumen output than regular bulbs. Impressively, SMD LED lights have an lifespan of up to a whopping 50,000 hours, compared to 30,000 hours for standard LEDs, which brings more maintenance cost savings.

Easy Installation

SMD LED lights are lightweight in structure with an aluminum alloy housing. They are easy to install due to their compact architecture structure.

Applications of SMD LED Light

Due to its wide beam angle, SMD LED lights are suitable for a variety of applications, including strip lights, spotlights, flood lights, high bay lights and recessed downlights.

Spotlighting of SMD LED Light


Floodlighting of SMD LED Light


LED Strip Lighting of SMD LED Light

LED Strip Lighting

High Bay Lighting of SMD LED Light

High Bay Lighting

What is SMD LED?

SMD LED, a shorthand for Surface Mounted Device LED, is one of the most popular LED types on the market. It is an LED chip mounted onto a printed circuit board through surface mount technology (SMT) without wiring. It is applicable to versatile usages, such as light bulbs, string lights, and even notification lights on mobile phones.

The distinct difference between SMD LED chips and others is the number of diodes and contacts. As opposed to conventional DIP LEDs, SMD LED chips have more than two contacts and more than three diodes on a single chip, with each diode having a separate circuit. There is a cathode contact and an anode contact in each circuit, resulting in 2, 4 or 6 contacts in a chip.

The chips consist of red, green and blue diodes, and with these three diodes, you can obtain any color you desire by adjusting the beam angle. SMD chips are also known for their high brightness, with an output range of 50 to 100 lumens per watt.

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