LED Retail Lighting

Want to provide your customers with a better in-store/retail experience while increasing sales? MOKOLight can deliver the best LED retail lighting solutions to meet your store’s specific needs.

LED Retail Lighting Illuminates Your Retail Spaces

The primary purpose of retail lighting is to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers to invite them to enter, stay and make a purchase. The right LED retail lighting solution can help the retailer’ brand stand out from the competitors. According to studies, effective LED retail lighting can increase sales by up to 40% while enhancing store appeal and shopping experience.

MOKOLight offers one-stop retail lighting solutions for a variety of applications such as grocery stores, convenience stores, big-box retailers, boutiques, shopping centers, etc. We can offer a wide range of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED retail lighting solutions to illuminate your retail space.

Benefits of LED Retail Lighting

At MOKOLight, we highly value the impact of lighting on your retail establishment. Although every retailer has different lighting needs, choosing LED lighting as the ideal retail solution is almost the same to all of them.

Energy Savings

The reduction in energy costs can directly boost retail sales. As a result, more retailers tend to upgrade traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED lights. MOKOLight’s energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures can save up to 60% of electricity, which significantly slashes electricity bills for retailers. Additionally, with a lifetime of over 50,000 hours, our cost-effective LED retail lighting dramatically diminishes maintenance or replacement costs in the long run.

Customer Experience

Proper retail lighting makes store spaces look more appealing and helps customers more engaged in in-store shopping. MOKOLight provides uniform, glare-free high-quality LED lights that can improve the texture and color of store merchandise. We are committed to cultivating a welcoming and pleasant shopping atmosphere and providing a safe and seamless in-store shopping experience for customers.

Brand Value

Well-designed retail lighting is essential to differentiate your brand and increase brand awareness. Good LED lighting design helps to identify your brand and create huge brand value. MOKOLight lights featuring a CRI of up to 90% and glare-free are ideal for highlighting your brand and create a bespoke retail environment for you.

Sales Increase

Quality LED lighting helps motivate shoppers to buy and directly boost retail sales. With superb color quality and dimmable options, MOKOLight LED retail lighting can create a unique ambience for the retail space by adjusting the levels of brightness and guide customers to purchase high-margin items.

Applications of LED Retail Lighting for Your Retail Spaces

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the main lighting source of the store designed to create a comfortable ambient for customers. Also, it should provide ample lighting source to effectively showcase merchandise. It’s critical to select the right ambient lighting to match your business. For example, coffee shop lighting should create a soft and relaxing atmosphere for guests. In contrast, ambient lighting in other stores should highlight their merchandise. Typically, LED troffers, flat panels and strip lights are used to achieve ambient lighting in retail stores.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting in store can direct customers to specific areas or draw their attention to particular items. MOKOLight bright, tunable accent lighting can help you spotlight items whether they’re on shelves, window displays or mannequins. All in all, you will reap much benefit from this lighting solution.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is an effective way for stores to establish their brand image. It requires the addition of ornamental lighting components to enhance the store’s shape and aesthetic. Therefore, an effective decorative lighting helps the store’s brand differentiate from others. Two common examples of decorative lighting are chandeliers and pendant lights, which add character to retail spaces.

Task Lighting

Task lighting aims to help employees perform job duties more efficiently. For example, checkout counters, dressing rooms and stockrooms often require specific task lighting. Areas utilizing task lighting should not be overly bright to avoid confusing customers and reducing the effectiveness of the lighting. Therefore, we recommend installing ambient lighting first to help easily find out areas suitable for task lighting.


From start to finish, we will work with you to help bring your lighting ideas into reality. You will easily find high-quality, cost-effective LED retail lighting solutions for your retail space at MOKOLight.

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