What is the average height of a lamppost?

I notice that the street lights at busy streets are taller than those at the residential areas. What is the exact height for different types of street lights?

The average height of the lamppost is 8-12 meters, but the height will vary according to where the street lights are.

  • For remote areas like rural streets, the height will be 5-8 meters because there are not too many pedestrians and vehicles.
  • For the main streets in the cities, the height should be 8-12 meters. These streets have high requirements for street lights. The higher the lights, the wider the area they can illuminate.
  • For residential areas and some landscape lampposts, they can be 6–8 meters high. Some of these lights are for decoration, so they don’t need to be so bright. And if the street lights are too high, they may affect the residents’ sleep.

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