Which sites can sliding-installation LED linear lighting fixtures be applied to?

I found a new type of LED light: LED linear lights. What are their applications?
  • Decoration: LED linear lights can also be very flexible and emit soft light. So they can be decorations for the cafe, gallery, and so on.
  • Office lighting: LED linear lights are simple and fashionable. They are suitable for lighting up the public areas in the office.
  • Indoor residential lighting: Nowadays, many people have installed linear lights in their homes to replace the original light fixture. Instead of direct light, linear lights can light up the whole place with diffuse and soft light.

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How can I diagnose a failure in the LED driver?

There are several LED light fixtures that I don’t usually use. After 1-2 years, some of the LED lights don’t work. In one fixture, one tube works and the other doesn’t. Can it be the problem with the LED driver? How can I test?

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