What limits the maximum allowable current of a power LED?

I want the current to be as large as possible to obtain bright light. What affects the current that LED lights can withstand?

The lifespan is an important factor that determines the current If the current is too high, the temperature will rise. Then you need to consider the junction temperature and the thermal resistance between the junction and the pad. If the current increases and the heat cannot be dissipated efficiently, the lifespan of the LED will decrease. Besides, if the temperature turns too high, it will also affect the light the LED emits. Other factors that affect the current may include the size of the chip, the bulk resistance of the chip, the resistance of surface-extended electrodes, etc.

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Why are there bumps on the LED pins?

I notice that there is a square bump on each pin of the LED. When I insert the LED into the PCB, it cannot go low enough. Why are they there?

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