What is the difference between a double-layer PCB and a single-layer PCB of an LED light?

I want to know that while producing LED lights, what types of PCB do they use? Is a single layer enough?

If the circuit is simple, a single-layer PCB is enough. The differences between a double-layer PCB and a single-layer PCB include:

  • Single-layer PCB

A single-layer PCB is very cheap to produce, and the procedure is simple. It is suitable for a simple suit. However, if there is a crossing line, the size of the PCB will increase. So they are seldom used in complex circuits.

  • Double-layer PCB

The double-layer PCB can achieve complex circuits with less space. But their production is also more complicated than single-layer PCB and more costly.

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Why are there bumps on the LED pins?

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