What are the different types of LED PCB?

I only know that there are single-layer PCB and Aluminium PCB. Are there other types of PCB?
  • Classified by number of layer
  1. Single-layer PCB

A single-sided LED PCB has only one layer of conductive lines, which are made of copper foil. This kind of circuit board is suitable for simple electronic products and has a low cost.

  1. Double-sided LED PCB circuit board

A double-sided LED PCB circuit board adds a conductive layer to the single-sided PCB, which can be wired on both sides.

  1. Multilayer LED PCB circuit board

Multilayer LED PCB circuit boards consist of multiple layers of substrates and conductive layers. It has a higher wiring density, better impedance control, and a better electromagnetic shielding effect.

  • Classified by materials
  1. Regular FR4 board

Conventional FR4 boards are made of FR4 materials, which have a lower cost and good mechanical strength and heat resistance.

  1. High-frequency board

The high-frequency board is made of special materials, has a high dielectric constant and loss, and has good electrical performance stability.

  1. metal substrate

Metal substrate is a special material that uses metals such as copper and aluminum as substrates for PCB manufacturing. Due to its excellent heat dissipation properties.

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