What are the differences between SMD and COB LEDs?

I always see two types of LED chips, which are SMD and COB LED. What are their differences?
  • Structure: A COB (chip-on-board) light source integrates multiple LED chips directly onto the same substrate. A SMD (surface mount device) light source is an LED chip packaged in a surface mount device and connected to the circuit board through welding.
  • Number of LEDs: In the SMD LED chip, there can be no more than 3 LEDs. These 3 LEDs can be red, green, and blue lights, so as to produce light of different colors. A COB LED chip can have more than 9 LEDs, but they cannot create light of different colors.
  • Size: The COB LED chip is bigger than the SMD one. So COB LEDs can provide high-intensity light.
  • Illumination uniformity: The light of COB LED is more uniform than that of SMD LED.
  • Heat dissipation: COB LED has a high requirement for heat dissipation because there are many LEDs on the chip.

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