How to control the humidity while producing PCB for SMD RGB LEDs?

I plan to produce large quantities of PCBs for the LEDs. But I have come across comments that they are very sensitive to the humidity. How do the manufacturers usually control the humidity?
  • Reduce the amount of process time and strictly regulate how long it is left in the air after it is molded.
  • Prior to production, raw materials that are suitable for hygroscopicity should undergo baking and dehumidification. The baking time and temperature should be determined based on the characteristics of the material.
  • Semi-products are kept in cabinetsthat are sealed against moisture, and the production site’s temperature and humidity are regulated.
  • Dehumidify and bakethe product.
  • Pack the product in a vacuum.
  • Before using, products that have been stored for a long period should be baked and dehumidified.

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