How do you connect light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to a printed circuit board (PCB)?

After we produce the PCB and LED, how do we install the LED onto the board?
  1. Ascertain the welding position: There are marks of the anode and cathode pins of LED lights.
  2. Set up the welding iron: Make sure the iron is heated to the proper degree. In general, the welding iron’s temperature should be about 250°C.
  3. Scrub the welding area: To remove contaminants and oil, scrub the welding area using alcohol cotton pads.
  4. Welding the LED lamp: To conduct heat to the solder wire, gently touch the soldering iron to the pins and pads of the LED lamp. After that, lay the solder wire over the soldering area. Watch as it melts and joins the pads and pins.
  5. Verify the quality of the welding: After the welding is finished, carefully lift the LED light with tweezers to see if the welding is firm. Simultaneously examine the resistance and connection of the welding spots using a multimeter.

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