How do I glue a LED PCB board?

I am learning something about LED manufacturing, and I want to know how the factories glue a LED PCB board.
  • Manual patch welding

Small batch and sample production are good uses for manual patch welding. After physically positioning the LED gadget in the desired location, the operator solders it with a soldering iron.

  • Automatic patch welding

Patch welding that is automated works well for large quantities. With this procedure, the LED gadget is automatically and precisely placed at a predefined spot using a placement machine. The solder is then melted using hot air or infrared heating to finish the welding process.

  • Hot plate patch welding

An approach that is frequently utilized in mass manufacturing is hot plate patch welding. The entire circuit board is heated using a hot plate to melt the solder, after which the LED gadget is mounted in the designated location.

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