How do I distinguish the quality of LED linear light?

I have received the LED linear lights. How can I test if it is good or bad?
  1. Whether the combination of the lamp holder (iron, copper, or aluminum) and the plastic part is tight
  2. Whether the combination of the lamp tube and the plastic part of the lower shell is firm
  3. Whether the upper shell plastic part and the lower shell plastic part are fastened tightly and whether they can be separated at high temperatures
  4. Whether the shell plastic parts are made of flame-retardant and high-temperature-resistant (180°C) materials
  5. Whether the skeleton and circuit board in the electronic ballast circuit are made of flame-retardant materials
  6. Whether appropriate insurance components or fuses are used in electronic circuits
  7. After installation, you can test whether the rated power of the lamp reaches the specified level.

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