How can I diagnose a failure in the LED driver?

There are several LED light fixtures that I don’t usually use. After 1-2 years, some of the LED lights don’t work. In one fixture, one tube works and the other doesn’t. Can it be the problem with the LED driver? How can I test?

It can be a problem with the driver, but it is also possible that there is something wrong with the LED or that the solder joint is damaged.

  • If all the LED lights are in series, one broken LED can affect the whole circuit. So it is hard to know if the problem is with the LED or the driver. And thermal expansion and cooling will also affect LED lights. Turn it on and use a multimeter to probe the wires. If the voltage is stable but there is no light, the LED fails. If there is no voltage or the voltage is unstable, check the driver.
  • If there are several series or they are in parallel strings, one broken LED light will only affect one string. This can possibly be caused by the driver.

You can also test the driver by replacing it with a working one. If there is nothing wrong with the driver, you also need to check the capacitor.

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