What Does Red Light Do for Plants?

I’ve heard that red light plays a key role in the flowering stage of plants. How does it affect my plants?

Red light has a variety of effects on your plants. One of the main advantages is that it can inform your plants when it’s time to begin flowering. You can utilize red LED grow lights to trick them into having a longer flowering period. Keep in mind that if you prolong the blossoming phase, it will take much longer for you to harvest your crops.

Besides, red light can enhance the concentration of some oils within the plant, thus affecting the flavor of the crops. Leafy plants that receive more red light may taste a little bit more bitter.

If you just utilize red light, however, your plants could become lanky and weak. Although they may be tall and have several branches, these branches and the leaves they are attached to may be somewhat thin and unattractive. ‘Female’ seeds produced by your plants can be decreased if it is exposed to extreme red light. As a result, it will be less likely that you can collect seeds from your plant to continue starting new plants from seed.

Hence, we advise combining red and blue light for plants.

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