240W LM301B 660nm QB648 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Meanwell LED Driver

1.Original Samsung LM301B+Samsung 660nm red LED Chip
2. 1-10V 10%-100% dimming Meanwell LED Driver
3. Reliable passive cooled design, 10mm thickness black
4. High PPFD with 3 years warranty for led board, 5 years for meanwell driver

Product Introduction

The need for a consistent supply of high-quality vegetables and fruits has seen the development of indoor lights. The 240W LED Light is designed to mimic the natural light and are based on the principle of photosynthesis and the law of nature. With the 240W LED Light compensation of greenhouse plants, prolonged flowering, better growth, and fruiting can be achieved in all seasons. They also allow customization of the light wavelength and intensity for diverse plant needs.

This indoor light kit is made from an original and high-quality Samsung LM301B, MeanWell LED driver, and Samsung red 660nm LED Chip. This offers the producer exceptional advantages for particular crops that need high illuminance. With these qualities, you can easily replace the traditional lighting system and still get high-quality crops on time.

They also exhibit exceptional reliability and efficiency since they’ve passed rigorous and strict reliability tests. These tests include the switch impact test, plant cultivation test, and the high and low-temperature impact test. This guarantees you a product that will serve you optimally and help your plants reach their growth milestones on time.

Moreover, you’ll have an exceptionally durable grow light. With proper maintenance, this product is designed to have a lifespan of 54,000 hours. Something else, unlike some functional lights that offer just one year warranty, for this product, you’ve up to three years, giving value for your money. Also, you can customize the light brightness to suit particular plant needs.

Product Features

Mode Number



Full Spectrum(400nm-730nm)

Light Source

Samsung lm351H + Samsung 660nm red

Fixture Dimension


Light Output PPFD

1380 umol/m2s (30cm)



Input Voltage


Output Current




Mounting Height


Waterproof Rate



290W/M2 (30cm)


Isolated Meanwell led driver


1-10V 10%-100% dimming



Veg Coverage

5x5 feet

Flower Coverage

6x6 feet

Life time


Testing Report

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