400W LM301B 660nm Quantum Board LED Grow Light

PPE 2.8μmol/J, high photon efficiency
Samsung lm301b LED and red 660nm IR UV led
IP65 Meanwell driver for 3 years warranty.
Preassembly design
High Yield (medical plants)
Plug & Play easy to use
Original Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm LED Chip
1-10V 10%-100% dimming Meanwell LED Driver
Reliable passive cooled design, 10mm thickness black heatsink

Product Introduction

The 400W Quantum Board LED light is also called plant supplement light or simply greenhouse light. It’s an indoor light based on the principle of photosynthesis and the law of nature to allow plant growth regardless of the outdoor light changes. With this Grow light planting veg and other plants, prolonged flowering, and fruition of high-quality vegetables and fruits become possible. A fantastic aspect of this lighting is that it offers a broad wavelength full spectrum to suit different plant demands. For instance, the light intensity for growth promotion varies from that of prolonging flowering or even fruiting. Finally, 400W Quantum Board LED light produces low heat and occupying less space at the same time.

400W Quantum Board LED Light features the original Samsung LM301B and Osram 660 LED chip. Samsung is a brand known for high-quality, exceptionally durable, and well-designed products. This means your light will serve you for a long while with low chances of damages or inefficiencies in operation.

It comes with a three-year warranty, which means you won’t have to incur any costs in repairing manufacturer-related faults. In fact, this rarely happens as it’s well built. Moreover, it has a 10-100%, 1-10V dimming, with Meanwell LED driver, allowing you to adjust its brightness to suit the plant’s needs. You’ll realize a concise and beautiful design while offering high reliability, high illuminance, and efficiency, as well as simple installation and operation. It remains among the most durable Grow lights, with a cool 54,000 hours of operation.

It is suitable for multi-dimensional cultivation systems. This is made possible because these indoor lighting kit occupies less space and produces low heat. It’s also an excellent option for full-cycle growth of diverse indoor plants, grow tent, greenhouse, grow box, and indoor garden.

Product Features

Mode Number



Full Spectrum(400nm-730nm)

Light Source

Samsung lm301B + Osram 3030 660nm

Fixture Dimension


Light Output PPFD

2000 umol/m2s



Input Voltage


Output Current




Mounting Height


Waterproof Rate




Veg Coverage


Flower Coverage



Isolated Meanwell led driver HLG-480H-54AB


1-10V 10%-100% dimming



Life time



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