200W LM301B 660nm Quantum Board LED Grow Light


Original Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm LED Chip
1-10V 10%-100% dimming Meanwell LED Driver
Reliable passive cooled design, 10mm thickness black heatsink

200W Quantum Board LED Grow Light used Samsung LM301B full spectrum chip, Osram 660nm and Meanwell led driver to this quantum board, high quality materials makes high efficient led grow light.

This led grow light is suitable for full-cycle growth of indoor planting, greenhouse, indoor garden, grow tent, grow box etc.

Product Introduction

200W Quantum Board LED Grow Light is also called greenhouse light or plant supplement light. The basis is the law of nature and the photosynthesis principle, to use this functional light to prolong flowering, promote growth, and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. Since the LED light offers a broad wavelength spectrum, you can customize the light intensity to suit various plant demands and growth stages. This not only promotes and regulates fruiting and flowering but also affects plant’s nutrient proportion and height. Another amazing thing about this lighting is its ability to occupy less space and produce low heat, allowing multi-dimensional cultivation systems.

200W Quantum Board LED Grow Light offers high-quality, reliable, and light efficiency, thanks to its high-efficiency Samsung full-spectrum, MEAN WELL driver power, and a light source from Osram red 660nm. With 1-10V, 10%-100% dimming to adjust to various brightness demands.

It doesn’t matter whether you want more or less light intensity, with 200W Quantum Board LED Grow Light, you can achieve that. It uses high-quality and rigorous materials for exceptional durability and efficiency during its lifespan. This series has a thickness of 10mm and a black heat sink for proper heat dissipation to ensure successful plant growth. Moreover, it comes with a passively cooled design, adding aesthetic value, and it’s made to offer high PPFD, high illuminance, and efficiency, all that promote plant growth. It also has a warranty to guarantee value for your money.

This MK Grow a light series is an excellent option for full-cycle growth of indoor plants, that is, growth, flowering, and fruiting. It’s also suitable for indoor gardens, grow box and greenhouses. Since it’s a reliable LED light can be a great source of profit by utilizing off-season cultivation and offering high-quality vegetables and fruits.

Product Features

Mode Number



Full Spectrum(400nm-730nm)

Light Source

Samsung lm301B + Osram 660nm

Fixture Dimension


Light Output PPFD

1288 umol/m2s



Input Voltage


Output Current




Mounting Height


Waterproof Rate




Veg Coverage

3x6 feet

Flower Coverage

2x6 feet


Isolated Meanwell led driver XLG-200-H-AB 200W


1-10V 10%-100% dimming



Life time


Testing Report

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