100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Product Feature

1. 100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light adopts the high efficiency Samsung full-spectrum LM301B, Osram red 660nm light source and MEAN WELL driver power supply, born with a high light efficiency, high reliability and a long lifespan.
2. The product power supply adopts isolation design, which has multiple protection designs, and can be dimmable to adjust the appropriate brightness in different environments. The product is full voltage input, popular in the most countries and regions with the AC100~240V/50-60Hz
3. The product is designed with a high illuminance, high PPFD and high efficiency, beneficial to the plant growth
4. Using high thermal conductivity aluminum feature and aluminum profile, better heat dissipation and long lifespan.
5. Beautiful and concise design

Dimensions: 300x300MM / 340x195MM

Product Introduction

100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light is designed for indoor plants like in a greenhouse. Based on the principle of photosynthesis and the law of nature, this full-spectrum light prolongs flowering, promotes growth and fruiting. With a broad light wavelength spectrum, 100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light can be customized for a specific wavelength to meet different light demands. This customization also allows control and regulation of nutrient proportions and plant height. Something else, this light kit occupies less space and generates less heat, allowing a multi-dimensional cultivation system that minimizes space usage and achieves low heat.

The light kit is well-built, with a concise and beautiful design, adding aesthetic value to your space, and offers high illuminance, high efficiency, and high PPFD, which are essential for proper growth. It provides value for money, thanks to its long lifespan, high reliability, light efficiency, Osram red 660nm source of light, and MEAN WELL driver supply of power. The power supply has an isolation design, with multiple protection designs and light adjustments.

This means you can dim it to the desired brightness in various plant stages. Something else, it can be used in most countries in the world, thanks to its full voltage input of AC100~240V/50-60Hz, which’s popular in most countries. Finally, the aluminum feature allows better heat dissipation and further extends the lifespan.

100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light is excellent for plant growth, flowering, and fruition. This LED quantum board is designed to provide the required light spectrum to promote growth, increase the quality of flowers and prolong the flowering stage. It is suitable for agricultural production facilities and greenhouses to improve the taste of indoor plants. It’s designed to ensure the early arrival of vegetables and fruits in the winter and occupies the big festival marketing opportunities. This is because even in winter, these plants can continue to grow when the natural light supply is low.

Product Features

Mode Number

MK-100W-300x300MM-LM301B+Osram 660nm


Full Spectrum(400nm-730nm)

Light Source

Samsung lm301B + Osram 660nm

Heatsink Size


Light Output PPFD

1783.5 umol/m2s



Input Voltage


Output Current




Mounting Height


Waterproof Rate



135-150 W/M2

Veg coverage


Flower coverage



Isolated Meanwell led driver


1-10V 10%-100% dimming



Life time



After application tests, 100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering, and fruiting. Generally speaking, indoor plants usually grow slower due to the lack of natural light. But when using LED grow light to supply the required spectrum (light quality combination) to the plants, not only can they promote their growth, but also prolong their flowering period and improve the quality of the flowers. If we popularize the application of this high-efficiency light source system in greenhouses and other agricultural production facilities, not only we can improve the taste of the greenhouse vegetables, owing to the insufficient sunlight in the winter, but also to make the greenhouse vegetable and fruit arrive early in the winter market to occupy the big festival market, to make a profit from the off-season cultivation.

100W Quantum Board LED Grow Light is very suitable for plant growth

Testing Report

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