LED Quantum Boards

The future of grow lights

Here’s a secret worth quite a penny. Do you know plants are often commercially grown indoors, completely independent of sunlight? The economic and futuristic potential of such an idea is massive! Over the years, the concept of grow lights is increasingly getting adopted by people but, there are many trees within the jungle and without an optimal key such as Quantum Board LED grow lights to the grow light kingdom for your plants, you’re more likely to wreck your plants than grow them.

What is Quantum Board LED grow lights?

Quantum Board LED grow box

In the simplest of terms, Quantum board LED lights contains a set of many artificial LED lights that are firmly attached to a flat, and medium-large, board and are employed in providing artificial light to plants either as a supplement to the natural spectrum of sunlight or as an independent and sole means of light-shine for plants as seen in vertical farming and horticulture growing businesses. The limited technicality in definition comes within the specific arrangements of the various LEDs on the board, which connects all of them simultaneously to an equivalent power source thereby, optimizing the board’s efficiency with minimum power consumption and maximum output.

Quantum board grow lights is an ingenious product of the HLG . Though the HLG only recently got into the grow light business, they’re already taking the LED grow light market by storm. The LED quantum board grow lights carter for all the plant cultivation conditions needed for the right growth of a plant under grow lights such as;

  • The species, genus and characteristics of the plant(s) you’re cultivating.
  • The present growth stage of the plant. That is, flowering, vegetative, etc.
  • The cultivated plant’s PHOTOPERIODISM conditions. That’s the conditions like, the spectrum ranges, luminous color, intensity and spectrum which are essential for the optimal growth, development and other responses of the plants during a selected period.

The Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board performs these tasks exceptionally thanks to their features specifically designed thus. A number of such features include;

Features of the Quantum Board LED grow lights

  • it has an easy, open design and are neither built with any casing-covering nor fans. Heatsinks are used for warmth-dissipation, not fans.
  • it has important components which bestow upon them, their amazing features. Such components include:
  • Multiple individual light-emitting diodes; a typical Horticultural Lighting Group’s Quantum Board has approximately 100s of Samsung LED grow lights.
  • Some of the Samsung LEDs can be replaced with either blue or red-colored diodes.
  • HGL LED grow lights’ primary circuit board is the QB288 V2 which distributes power and heat evenly throughout the circuit, preventing your plants from overheating or burning.
  • The HGL 100 V2 4000k is a quantum board LED grow light that’s equipped with very high-quality Samsung LM301B LEDs which produces a tremendous 4000k white light within the full spectrum; Providing your plants with an equal or maybe better spectral experience than natural sunlight.
  • The Maxsisun Quantum Board PB 4000 LED grow light has 4000k LED spectral light, This gives it an insane area of coverage of a minimum of 5 x 5ft
  • The minimum average area of coverage for most quantum LED grow light types is about 1.5 x 1.5ft
  • Quantum grow lights comes in a lot of different power capacity, 240W , 480W Etc.
  • Newer modules of HGL lm301b are faster and more efficient than the older models with the lm301h quantum boards.

Kinds of Quantum Board LED grow light

Quantum Board LED grow lights can be divided into different categories based on many criteria such as;

  • Brand type/ Brand name; 30W LED Light LM301B/H, Fissioning LED light, 30W LED Light LM301B/H, 100W LED Grow Light LM301B/H-300, Maxsisun PB 4000 V2 Etc.
  • Power capacity/efficiency; 100 watts LED glow light, 240 watts LED glow light, 480 watts LED glow light.
  • Coverage area; 1 x 1.5ft, 3x 5ft, Etc.

The best Quantum Board LED grow lights

Quantum Board LED grow lights

Each of the under-listed Quantum board contains an average of a few hundred Samsung quantum board LEDs. All arranged in very effective configurations. Some of the available for sale include:

100W LED Grow Light LM301B/H-300

100W LED Grow Light LM301B/H-300 is a Quantum Board glow light that is equipped with 120 high-quality Samsung LED lights. These Samsung LED lights produce and shines a full-spectrum white light of about 4000k on your plants. This improves the photosynthetic process of any plant grown under the LM301B/H-300. A single LM301B/H-300 board has a coverage area of about 2ft by 2ft if the plant is in its development stage and 1 by 2ft for a plant in its flowering state.

The energy efficiency of the LM301B/H-300 is outstanding. You can easily grow your indoor plants under this Quantum board glow light as it literally gives out twice the amount of its power consumption.

200W LED Grow Light LM301B/H

The impressive light range of 3ft x 3ft of 200W LED Grow Light LM301B/H glow light makes it one of the best glow light for your plants. It is equipped with hundreds of very high-quality quantum board Samsung LM301B LED lamps, which makes just a single 200W LED Grow Light LM301B/H glow light sufficient enough to provide perfect lighting for any indoor plant you might want to use it with. The 200W LED Grow Light LM301B/H has been tested to be especially effective with the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Fissioning LED light

Perhaps, the most impressive feature of the Fissioning LED light is its LED quantum board grow light’s unique configuration. The Fissionnig LED light is equipped with 288 Samsung LM301B LED lights which are arranged in such a way that they produce an astonishing 3000k light output with the most minimum power consumption. This enables your cultivated plants to get the optimal lighting spectrum they need in all stages of development. The factory-advised hanging height for the Fissioning LED grow light is about 15 inches above your plants. This would enable the Led quantum board to cast its light on an average area of about 2ft by 2.5ft.

400W LED Grow Light Bar LM301B/H

400W LED Grow Light Bar LM301B/H Quantum board’s design is quite unlike any other. 400W LED Grow Light Bar LM301B/H consists of two connected quantum boards. Each of them contains 280 Samsung LED lights. Bringing the total 400W LED Grow Light Bar LM301B/H Samsung grow lights to 560. It also has some other cool features such as; an adjustable brightness to reduce the likeliness of your plants getting burned from the LED glow lights’ intensity, and its wavelengths’ options include colors, green, orange and yellow.

Application of Quantum Board LED grow lights

Application of Quantum Board LED grow lights

Quantum Board LED grow lights are primarily applied in horticulture but, its application has extended over the years into other fields such as;

  • Hydroponics and aquatic plants
  • Food production
  • Industry
  • Plant propagation

Application in Horticulture

You control the light, you control the food. Plants’ development, productivity and growth are more or less primarily dependent on light uniformity. The effect of light on plants cannot be overemphasized. It is the primary source of food and nutrients for plants. Therefore, Quantum Board LED lights can either be used for supplementing Sunlight and providing a source for photosynthesis at night to further increase the plants’ productivity or as the primary source of light for the plants. The economically effective ability of the Quantum board LED glow light in producing large output from little energy makes it the perfect candidate.

In addition to the reduction in energy cost, scientific studies have also shown that the application of Quantum board LED grow light and grow lights in general to horticulture can do the following:

  • The spectrum wavelength can improve the outputs of plants
  • Improve the product quality of the plants
  • Can improve the color quality of plants and make them appear more appetizing and beautiful

Application in Industry and food production

The grow light market is worth almost 3 billion dollars and has been steadily increasing every year. This concept of newer and environmentally friendly means of producing food independent of the sun and weather has been applied in different industrialized farming methods such as; the commercial greenhouse and vertical farming.

The most successful of them all is vertical farming or indoor farming. Through the use of Quantum Board LED lights, industries are able to produce food regardless of the season. The demands of food that seemed so hopeless to satisfy years ago are not looking so bleak anymore.

New staff are also been hired to take charge of the openings brought about by the commercial application of Quantum board LED grow light in industries.

Pros and Cons of Quantum board LED grow light

General Pros of Quantum Board LED grow light:

  • Highefficiency
  • Evenly spread light intensity
  • Full wavelength spectrum
  • Proper heat Management
  • Economically Friendly

Quantum Board LED grow light is very efficient

The Quantum board is designed in such a way in which, all the LED Samsung diodes are connected directly to the same power source which automatically, makes it produce maximum output out of minimum power consumption. E.g. The 100W LED Grow Light LM301B/H-300 gives an output that is almost0 double the power required for it to work. Thereby, increasing your growing business’s yield with little to no increase in cost.

Evenly spread light intensity

The entire LED lights are located on the same board, therefore their light intensity will tend to spread from inside-out. This would provide a more spread-out and even tone to them, which would equally shine on all your plants, rather than on some more than others. And, in that sense prevent the risk of burning any of your plants.

Full wavelength Spectrum

Quantum Board LED lights almost always emit white light which contains all the wavelengths’ spectral. The white light is very similar to sunlight and therefore, gives the cultivated plant the same or even better growth conditions compared to a field-cultivated plant. Also, based on scientific research the white spectrum is proven to be the best spectrum for plants cultivation, growth and development because it contains equal amounts of other spectral colors.

Proper Heat Management

The Quantum Board is usually fixed on a heatsink (a piece of aluminum that acts to dissipate the heat generated evenly, across the board’s surface). This tends to prevent over-heating and protects your plants from getting scorched by the heat generated.

Economically Friendly

Compared to other LED grow lights, Quantum Board LED grow lights are cheaper and offer way more advantages and efficiency than you would get from other grow lights.

Pros of some kinds of Quantum Board LED grow lights

100W LED Grow Light

Fissioning Quantum board LED grow lights

200W LED Grow Light

It is easy to install.

It emits/provides full-spectrum, white lighting.

Adjustable light features.

A heatsink is used in cooling instead of a fan, which significantly reduces noise.

The light is distributed equally.

Quality and very efficient LED light.

It is the ideal Quantum board LED grow lights for vegetations.

It has approximately a 6-years life span.

Bright and full-spectrum white light.

Very efficient.

A guaranteed 3-year warranty.

Great for all cycles of development in plants’ cultivation.

General Cons of Quantum Board LED grow lights

  • Limited in usage; can only be used indoors
  • Lower light intensity compared to some other grow lights
  • Lower light penetration compared to some grow lights due to the low amount of green wavelengths.

Limited in usage

Quantum Board LED grow lights has a simple design consisting of numerous LED diodes affixed unto a quantum board. Unlike other LED grow lights, they are not covered by any glass casing. And therefore, not feasible to use outdoors because the circuit board can easily get damaged by rain or medium-high humidity.

Lower light intensity compared to some other grow lights

Quantum board LED lights are designed with all the individual LED diodes getting their power simultaneously from the same source. Though, this might be Power and cost-effective/ economical. The light intensity of these LED grow lights cannot be as high as those other LEO grow lights with individual power sources.

Cons of some kinds of Quantum Board LED grow lights

100W LED Grow Light

Fissioning Quantum board LED grow lights

400W LED Grow Light Bar

More than a few 100W LED Grow Light LM301B/H-300 quantum boards need to be installed for it to have any tangible effect.

The installation of the unit is stressful and might be expensive.

The unit tends to get overheated quickly.

The factory-attached electrical cord is usually too short and often, requires extra cost in getting an extension.

Little to no customer support from MOKOLight.

Precautions and handling of Quantum Boards

In situations that can be avoided, it’s advisable to let only technical professionals and experts handle the installation and the not-easily-understood Quantum board LED light procedures but, in situations where it’s unavoidable and for non-technical issues and maintenance you should follow the under-listed procedure and guidelines.

While Handling:

  • Don’t drop (accidentally or purposefully) the unit and/or hit the Quantum board’s unit in any way that could trigger a shock.
  • Keep your hands away from the LED resin and no bending of the PCB
  • Store the Module in a dust-free environment; dust could cause serious damage to some vital components.
  • If you are not a highly skilled technology expert, DO NOT disassemble or take apart the product in any way.
  • DO NOT touch the Quantum board when it is connected to electricity. It can lead to very serious electrocution. And, be very careful to not accidentally pull any wire when the board’s in operation.
  • Users are advised to study and understand the physical properties of the materials used in making the lighting fixtures of the Quantum board to prevent the generation of Volatile Organic compounds from the adhesives and some other organic additives used in luminaires.

While Cleaning

  • DO NOT use any sort of fluid (water, oil or any organic solvent) in cleaning the LED Lighting Modules.
  • ONLY use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) as the SOLE cleaning solvent for the LED Lighting Modules.
  • Any other solvent that might be used should be confirmed beforehand and you must be absolutely SURE such solvent will not dissolve the package and the LED’s resin.
  • Cleaning LED with Freon solvents is banned worldwide. DO NOT clean LED with Freon solvents.
  • You’re advised not to use ultrasonic means in cleaning the LED Modules.
  • Carry out a pre-cleaning test to determine if your cleaning method choice will damage the LED Lighting modules in any way.


Any Static electricity or sudden surge voltage WILL damage the LED Lighting Modules. We recommend you keep and restrict the process of the Quantum board’s operation to an anti-static environment. To avoid inflicting serious damage on the LED Lighting Modules.

  • The person handling the unit should be well-grounded (should either be in an earth ring or put on anti-static gloves).
  • The person handling the unit should be properly fitted in an anti-electrostatic protective suit.
  • All devices surrounding the working area/production area should be properly guided to avoid the generation of static energy.

Quantum Boards VS COB LED grow lights

Quantum Boards LED grow lights are circuited boards (Boards with an electric circuit board run on them) with hundreds of LED lights affixed to it on LED chips, in specific configurations of which the entire LEDs quantum board grow lights are simultaneously connected to and controlled by the power source. This increases the effectiveness of the Quantum Boards LED grow lights in sense of boosting the power output of the LED lights without increasing or having any effect on the power consumption. This, ––coupled with the simplicity of its design lacking a fan and an external covering of any kind, culminating in the price reduction––Makes Quantum Boards the LED grow light an adopted favorite in the growing business.


COB, Chip on Board, is kind of like a similar opposite of Quantum Boards LED grow lights. It is a technology that involves the affixing of several hundred to thousands of high-powered LED chips to a specific surface area on a small board. It is aimed at creating a highly concentrated light of very high intensity to satisfy projects which require many chips in the location of a single chip.




Aimed at concentrating very high intensity of LED light to a particular spot.

Aimed at evenly spreading of LED light to every part of the growing area. At mid-intensity to high intensity.

A typical COB board could include over 2000 LED lights

A typical Quantum board has a maximum of few hundreds LED lights

The circuit design of the LED chips’ configuration makes its operation requires a large amount of energy in powering its high-capacity LED lumens.

The circuit design of its LED chips’ configuration connects hundreds of LED lumens simultaneously to the same power source, ultimately requiring a minimal amount of energy in powering hundreds of LED lumens effectively.

The LED chips are affixed on a small board

Quantum boards are generally larger compared to COB boards.

Heat distribution is managed well enough, though, not as efficiently as in Quantum boards.

Even heat distribution is very well managed in a Quantum board.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Quantum Board Grow Light

There are various factors to keep in mind when buying a Quantum Board Grow Light.

Some of the factors would, of course, have to complement the specific requirement of your cultivated plants.

These factors include:

  • The Cost
  • Period of Warranty
  • Your Cultivated Plant
  • Coverage area
  • Spectrum capability
  • LEDs’ number
  • Brand Type
  • Power consumption
  • Heat Dissipation

The Cost

The cost of any product should influence and give you a rough estimation about what the product specs should be. Therefore, take note and full advantage of this.

Period of Warranty

Most quantum board LED grow lights warranties is a minimum of about 2.5 years. Though there are more than a few whose theirs extends to almost 6 years. When buying a product such as the Quantum Board LED grow lights, it’s very necessary to take note of the warranty information because you are unfamiliar with this specific type of product. A good warranty will give you security against any unscrupulous act or unplanned happenstances.

Your cultivated plant

When buying a Quantum board LED grow light, you choose the brand that best satisfies the following features of your plant:

  • Type of the cultivated plant.
  • The plant’s cultivation stage
  • The cultivated plant’s PHOTOPERIODISM conditions. That is the conditions such as, the spectrum ranges, luminous colour, intensity and spectrum which are essential for the optimal growth, development and other responses of the plants during a specific period.

Coverage area

The Coverage area is usually defined in ‘feet.’ It is the extent to which the LED light illuminates your plant in your growing tent or garden e.t.c. The coverage also gives you an estimation of the LED’s number and the spectrum. The higher the number of LEDs, the wider the coverage area.

Spectrum Capability

The spectrum capability is dependent on the type of LED and also the LED’s number. The Spectrum capability determines how your plant’s fairs. Because it is literally what your plant is dependent on in manufacturing its food. It initiates photosynthesis and other photoperiodic characteristics in your plant.

Brand Type

The Brand type you select encompasses the LED’s number, power consumption and Heat dissipation. When buying a Quantum Board LED grow light. Make sure to select one that suits your need:

  • A high LED number means brighter quantum board light and more illumination that could be useful for a large project.
  • Low power consumption would save you more money in terms of reduced electricity bills and would also increase your work’s efficiency.
  • Efficient heat dissipation will prevent the heat from leaking to your plants and potentially destroying them.
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