Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

MOKO has been in the LED assembly industry for over 14 years. We are certified in BQB, IPC, UL, ISO14001:2015, and ISO9001:2015. We frequently test products through the manufacturing process for international quality and certification. We inspect all products for OEM and ODM standards. The quality will be inspected using specialized testing programs, custom precision instruments, and functional testing jig during manufacturing management. Our quality philosophy is achieving customer satisfaction through complete compliance with consumer desires while reducing the cost to maintain competitive pricing. Vendor selection is made by considering value-added services, regulatory status, capabilities, facility survey results, past performance of cost and delivery, and market feedback.

Quality Control

As for the quality control procedures, it will be complex in our production system, let me introduce it shortly.

a. Supplier control
90% suppliers are worked with us over 3years, if we work with new supplier, they must pass our quality assessment system, more over, our purchasers will go to their factory to check their quality control before they become our suppliers. For some important suppliers, we will go to their factory every three month per time. We have 20 purchasers.

b. QC for components, Our factory approval ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, BSCI, UL, all components must be QC before production, our IQC is strick.

c. 100% QC for production, 100% QC for blank pcb→ 100% QC before the board go through Wave soldering machine→ after SMT, we will do AOI(100%)→100% DIP QC→100% Loading firmware→100%function testing for pcba→100% led light aging tests after assemble housing

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LED light assembly box build manufacturing process


MOKO’s understanding of quality is characterized by achieving customer satisfaction and complete compliance with customer desires regarding


If our components have any problems(except design problem or client’s problem), we must help our client to solve them, below is our regular solution for clients:

a. resend good products, it’s for small quantity failure.

b. repair, it’s for high value and big quantity, it’s free to repair goods within 1year, if it’s our components’ problem, we will bear all lost including shipping cost, tax, labor fee, and other costs.

c. pay compensation, if our client can repair goods at their local place, we will reach an agreement with them and pay compensation for them.

Our clients are from all over the world, they are satisfied with us since we are reliable and responsible. We can write those guarantees in the contract.

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