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During the period of SARS-CoV-2, no one is more aware than us of the importance of sterilization and disinfection to health. Because of this, MokoLight, com seu 17+ anos de experiência na indústria de LED, professional teams, and strong manufacturing strength, takes the responsibility and strives to do our part for residential, comercial, and industrial disinfection, to make your spaces more secure and increase your confidence in the face of corona viruses or flu viruses.

UV LED Lighting for a Safer Environment

We live in a world with bacteria and viruses, and their existence still poses a threat to us, especially to vulnerable elderly and children. Por isso, we have never stopped exploring the best way to disinfect them, and UV LED lights, a perfect combination of the highest efficiency of UV disinfection and the energy-saving, safe-to-use of LEDs, have been made the best disinfection to date.

UV LED Lighting for a Safer Environment

MokoLight offers a wide range of UV LED lighting products, mainly portable UV lamp, UV troffer, industrial UV light, to meet all of your exact needs for household, commericial and industry fields.

Portable UV Lamp
Portable UV Lamp
UV Troffer
UV Troffer
Industrial UV Light
Industrial UV Light

MokoLight's Advantages in UV LED Lighting

MokoLight thinks highly of UV LED lighting because it contributes a lot for citizenshealth and wellbeing, especially when we are still in the dilemma of COVID-19. So UV LED medical lights we manufacture are all highly effective, chemical-free and require less maintenance costs.

Highly Effective

UV LED lighting from MokoLight is tested to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses under its exposure of 30 minutes, also effective for certain molds and spores.


MokoLight’s UV LED lights contains low mercury content and emit powerful UVC radiation without ozone, resulting in less emission and harmful effects on humans.

Vida útil mais longa

UV LED lamps from MokoLight adopts materials from reliably suppliers and only produce top-notch products with a longer lifespan up to 10,000 horas.


Our UV LED lighting quickly and quietly inactivate bacteria, mold spores, fungi or viruses, no matter it is on walls, ceilings or on a mobile stand.

Use Your UV LED Lighting Wisely

Use Your UV LED Lighting Wisely​

Can UV LED lighting sterilize and disinfect water, surfaces or air? The answer is definitely yes. After all, hospitals use ultraviolet lamps for sterilization. But when you actually use them, you should pay attention to the sterilization efficiency of ultraviolet lamps. Putting an ultraviolet lamp there does not always mean best sterilization effects. So how can we make best use of the ultraviolet disinfection lamps?

At least, we could bear in mind and consider the four major factors that affect sterilization effects of ultraviolet lamps, namely, irradiation intensity, irradiation time, tolerance of bacteria and viruses, ambient temperature and humidity.

Irradiation Intensity
The unit of ultraviolet radiation intensity is μW/cm2, which means the energy intensity that can be received per unit area. Theoretically speaking, the closer the distance, the higher the power of the lamp and the higher the intensity, so how high the intensity is to achieve the sterilization effect? According to the existing data, if it is lower than 40μW/cm2, the bactericidal effect will be very poor. The general recommendation is 70μW/cm2 or more. If it exceeds 100μW/cm2, the bactericidal effect is stronger, and it is possible to achieve short-term sterilization.

Irradiation Time
No matter how high the intensity of ultraviolet light is, it is difficult to achieve the bactericidal effect if it is just a flash. Portanto, when using ultraviolet lamps, the irradiation time is also a factor that must be considered, and how the irradiation time and the intensity interact is called the irradiation dose (μW・sec/cm2).
In terms of general laboratory sterilization requirements, 1.5W/m3 is required. Assuming a room of 15 metros quadrados, it is almost necessary to prepare a 70W ultraviolet lamp and irradiate it for half an hour to achieve a better sterilization effect.

Tolerance of Bacteria and Viruses
Different bacteria and viruses have different constitutions as different people have different tolerances to ultraviolet rays. De um modo geral, bacteria have lower tolerance, but viruses can carry more. Previous studies have pointed out that for SARS virus or Corona virus, it takes 30 minutes to achieve the killing effect if it is irradiated with 90 μW/cm2 UVC.
For the irradiation dose of some common bacteria and viruses, please refer to ultraviolet sterilization irradiation dose to choose the appropriate ultraviolet sterilization equipment.

Environmental Temperature and Humidity
De um modo geral, the lower the temperature of the environment, the more humid it is, and will have a negative impact on the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays. Claro, most places will not be affected, but if the basement is a place with too high humidity, it is recommended to use a dehumidifier before sterilization.

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