Smart Light Solutions

In addition to our common smart light based on Bluetooth, WIFI, and Zigbee technologies, MOKO also provides some other smart lights such as those based on Lora and NB-IoT technologies. The main functions of these smart lights are quite the same, but their applications are different as they have different transmission distances and working principles.

Functions That Smart Light Can Achieve

Brightness Adjustment

Brightness Adjustment

High brightness when studying and working, low brightness when resting and relaxing, adjust brightness freely to meet the needs of different scenes

Cool & Warm Light ​

Cool & Warm Light

Cold light can light up daily life, while warm light creates a romantic atmosphere, and color temperature adjustment makes lighting the best decoration

Various Colors Adjustable​

Various Colors Adjustable

16 million colors available, offering more options for you to show

Available for All User​

Available for All Users

Both Android and Apple Systems Supported



Turn on or turn off the lights after the countdown is over, and the time to turn off the lights or turn on the lights is self-defining

Scene Switching​

Scene Switching

Preset rich scenes, one-click switching is supported

Music Rhythm​

Music Rhythm

The lights would change with the rhythm, creating a great atmosphere

Timing Switch​

Timing Switch

The light can be turned on or off regularly according to your requirement to free your hands

Guard the House​

Guard the House

Turn on the house-guarding mode with one click, simulate someone at home when you are away from home, and take care of the home for you.

Power-off Memory​

Power-off Memory

Intelligently memorize the light status before power-off, automatically restore the light status before power-off when power-on, and support user-defined lighting status when power-on

Dimming Curve​

Dimming Curve

A dimming curve can achieve a slow-to-fast brightness change, which will make the dimming performance of the lamp look better on the senses

Circadian Rhythms​

Circadian Rhythms

The color temperature and brightness of different periods are automatically adjusted according to the circadian rhythms, which is good for our health.

Smart Light Can Be Used for Various Applications

Warehouse Lighting by smart light

Warehouse Lighting

Smart LED lights can be used in places like warehouses and factories to provide them with high-efficiency and energy-saving lighting, reducing operating costs.

Parking Lot Lighting

By using smart LED lights to build a smart parking lot, lights up when cars come, while lights out when no cars pass by. It also helps to avoid wasting resources.

Parking Lot Lighting by smart light
Stage Lighting by smart light

Stage Lighting

Smart LED lights are perfect for decorating stages. The colors can be easily switched to match different stages themes. In addition, the brightness of lights can be adjusted according to the music rhythm to create a great atmosphere for audiences.

Other Smart Light Cases from MOKO

Wireless Rechargeable Light

Wireless Rechargeable Light

Very easy to use, just put the phone on the base of the LED lamp to start charging, both Apple and Android phones are suitable.
The light color of the LED light can be switched at will, as a wireless charger, it is also a good home decoration.

Smart LED Desk Lamp

Smart LED Desk Lamp

Equipped with premium lamp beads to create uniform and soft light, which helps to reduce eye fatigue even after a long-time of reading and working.
Different brightness and lighting colors are adjustable to meet the needs of various scenarios.

Why Choosing MOKO for Smart Light Projects?

Professional Smart Light Solutions Partner

For more than ten years, we have been focusing on LED production and smart lighting solutions for customers in a variety of markets. We have a professional R&D team and oversea sales department to work with you closely throughout the project, making sure that all your requirements are fully met. If you are looking for a smart lighting solutions provider that has extensive experience and expertise in this area, MOKO is your go-to choice.

Full-scale Services

MOKO offers one-stop smart LED lighting services, covering from concept designing, both hardware and software development, to LED manufacturing& assembly, after-sales services. Thus, there is no need for you to search different companies for different services. Our integrated system would cover all steps involved in a smart lighting solution.

Short Time to Market

On the one hand, we have optimized the workflows that can speed up project turnaround time. On the other hand, our employees have extensive smart lighting projects experience, ensuring efficient communication that can promote the rapid and smooth development of the project process. Thus, we can help our customers market new products as fast as possible to improve their competitiveness.

How to Work with Us

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