One-stop OEM LED Grow Light Service

Moko can offer one-stop OEM led grow light service. We can do led pcb assembly, led controller pcb assembly, led driver pcb assembly, plastic injection molding and box assembly, cover glue, potting, all tests and color box. We cooperate with many brand owners and distributors of LED grow lights. They come from America, Canada, Netherlands and European countries. They offer their design file and all requirements for us. We produce the horticulture lights as their requests. All components are 100% original. Because of the great advantage in materials, we can produce the light with cheap price and fast delivery time. Welcome to discuss your business.

What we can do for OEM led grow light?

Part 1: LED PCB Assembly

A: High Quality Aluminum PCB
B: 100% Original LED Chip
C: Lead-free solder paste
D: High Speed SMT Machine

LED PCB Assembly
LED Controller PCB Assembly &LED Driver PCB Assembly

Part 2: LED Controller PCB Assembly &LED Driver PCB Assembly

A.1-18layers high quality FR4 pcb, min line width and gap is 3mil.
B. Authentic sourcing channels and providers
C. State of the art equipments which include FUJI, Yamaha high-speed SMTJT, lead/lead-free reflow ovens, lead free wave-soldering.
D. Surface mount, through-hole, BGA, QFP and QFN parts assembling.
E. AOI testing(X-ray for BGA package) for every piece board.
F. First article inspection before SMD process and first completed sample before DIP process.
G. Free function testing and program burning.
H. Aging testing.

Part 3: Box Assembly

A. Plastic injection molding, Aluminum heatsink molding.
B. High quality control for plastic housing and aluminum heatsink.
C. Well-trained and highly-skilled workers.

Box Assembly
Cover glue

Part 4: Cover glue

A.Automatic covering glue.
B. High quality glue, over 5years yellowing resistance with Reach, Rohs, UL certificate.
C. High and low temperature impact test.
D. High quality control on covering glue.

Part 5: Tests

A. 100% function tests and 100% Aging tests
B. LED Light tested by Integrating sphere optical tester
C. LED Grow Light tester

Tests of ODM LED Grow Light
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