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MOKOLight provides ODM LED grow light service. Our designers are well trained and highly skilled, they have rich experience of developing, manufacturing and testing. A good LED light assembly solution requires professional customization. Our engineers will provide you with a good solution according to your requirements or actual condition. Our factory is equipped with adequate testing devices, such as integrating Sphere and Spectrometer. Let’s work out the best LED light solution!

LED supplemental lights for crop planting

Benefit of MOKO ODM LED Grow light
  • Medical Cannabis
  • High-wire Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuces
  • Leafy Greens and Herbs
  • Young plants
  • Annuals and Perennials
  • Potted Plants
  • Strawberries
  • Soft Fruits
  • Hemp
  • Hops

What information do we need to ODM LED grow light?

LED Grow Light Type

Do you need quantum board, linear led grow light, or spider led grow light?


Input Voltage, Dimension, Power, PPF, PPFD, PPE, CCT.

LED Chip Type and Brand

It’s better that if you know the led chip part number, if not, pls offer led chip’s details for us. For example, 3030, 2835, 3535 or others, Samsung, Osram, or another brand. We often use LM301B/H, Osram 660nm

The Range of Spectrum

The spectrum affects all stages of plant growth. A reasonable spectrum will promote the rapid growth of plants. The spectrum has multi-spectrum and full-spectrum, Customizing the spectrum requires selecting the appropriate led chip wavelength and color temperature. The life of a plant goes through seedling, growing, flowering and fruiting stages. Each stage requires a different light source. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We have a professional team to supply best guidance.

LED Driver

We often use Meanwell, Sosen, Powerland and other high quality led driver.
If you know the led driver model number, pls let me know, if not, we can recommend to you.

Plant Type

We have to know the plant type, then we can make suitable spectrum for you.

How to make good ODM LED grow lights?

Project Evaluation of ODM LED Grow Light

Project Evaluation

Projects Evaluation will be divided into several parts. First, if you have your ideas, we can have a video call to analyze your projects, because a complete led grow light will include heatsink, housing, led PCB, driver, and other parts. So we need to have a conference with our engineer about its design and reasonability of the project because each part’s design will involve 3D designers, and housing structure designers, and led board designers, they will communicate the details to verify every detail goes smoothly. Second, if you do not have your own ideas, then our designers and engineer will according to your rough description design a suitable led grow light for you, such as what plant you grow, and your planting area. After we finished, we will talk with you together to decide whether our suggestion is ok.

Hardware developing of ODM LED Grow Light

Hardware developing

Once we confirmed the corresponding parameters, our designers and engineers will focus on design work. We have 20 engineers and 50 designers with many years of experience in the company. If it comes to the design of LED grow lights, we may first let our different designers design their own work, like housing designers will design the part of the housing, LED PCB board designers will also, and later our 3D designers will check the last checking step. But for the led driver, we generally accept famous brands, like Sosen and Meanwell. For the heatsink, we will customize it according to LED light board’s size. For this step, they will spend 2-3 days to finish the design work. After we finished the design work, we also will send it to you for reference.

Prototype Samples of ODM LED Grow Light

Prototype Samples

When we confirm the design work, the next step is making sample. It will take us 10-15 days to finish the sample work, because we need to purchase the components. We have professional purchasing team with 25 staff members. They will choose any component with the most competitive price and high quality.

Tests of ODM LED Grow Light


After finished the sample, we will do many tests, for example, function test, aging test, and use integrating sphere and spectrometer to test the PPFD, PPF and other parameters.

Planting experiment of ODM LED Grow Light

Planting experiment

We have our own R&D team, and they focus on LED Lighting area for more than 20 years. We will develop new products at a certain time, update some new products according to market conditions, and grow some plants ourselves to test which light source is more suitable for some plants at different growth stages, or what kind of plant light is more suitable for plants, there are many types of plant lights, such as quantum board plant lights and spider garden lights. Different plant lights have different wattage, and the illumination range of their light source will also affect the growth of plants.

Mass Production of ODM LED Grow Light

Mass Production

The last step is batch order’s production, The lead time for batch order will be generally 35-40 working days for quantities less than 10000. For more quantity orders, the time will be a little different. Our salespersons will timely notify the process of each order to customers. Before sending the goods to you, we will make correct PI and CI to you. We also will provide professional certification/compliance test for customers. We work closely with SGS and UL laboratory to provide fast UL, ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS or other certification according to customers’ specific requirements, to meet your delivery time.

ODM LED Grow Light Product Cases

574*220MM 240W Quantum Board Samsung LM301B/H+Osram 660nm
574*220MM 240W Quantum Board Samsung LM301B/H+Osram 660nm​
Power 200-240W
Input Voltage(V) 46-50V
Current MAX 4800MA
FLUX 24000LM
PPF 520 μmol/s (200W)
PPFD 1110 μmol/(m2•s) (30CM)
PPE 2.6-2.8(μmol/J)
Wavelength 3500K 6500K 660nm
CRI ≥80
Dimensions 574∗220∗1.6MM
600W LED Grow Light Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm
600W LED Grow Light Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm
Power 600W
Input Voltage(V) 48-52V
Current MAX 12000MA
FLUX 72000LM
PPF 1560 μmol/s
PPFD 2475 μmol/(m2•s) (30CM)
PPE 2.6-2.8(μmol/J)
Wavelength 3500K 6500K 660nm
CRI ≥80
Dimensions 1048∗102∗1.6MM
100W 300x300mm Quantum Board Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm
100W 300x300mm Quantum Board Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm
Power 100W
Input Voltage(V) 38-42V
Current MAX 2600MA
FLUX 12000LM
PPF 260 μmol/s
PPFD 820 μmol/(m2•s) (30CM)
PPE 2.6-2.8(μmol/J)
Wavelength 3500K 6500K 660nm
CRI ≥80
Dimensions 274∗274∗1.6MM
QB288 Quantum Board Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm UV+IR
QB288 Quantum Board Samsung LM301B+Osram 660nm UV+IR
Power 120-150W
Input Voltage(V) 50-54V
Current MAX 3000MA
FLUX 144000LM
PPF 312 μmol/s (120W)
PPFD 870 μmol/(m2•s) (30CM)
PPE 2.6-2.8(μmol/J)
Wavelength 3500K 660nm 395nm 730nm
CRI ≥80
Dimensions 285.7∗273.5∗1.6MM
QB648 Quantum Board
QB648 Quantum Board
Power 240-300W
Input Voltage(V) 54-58V
Current MAX 5000MA
FLUX 28800LM (240W)
PPF 612 μmol/s (240W)
PPFD 1200 μmol/(m2•s) (30CM)
PPE 2.6-2.8(μmol/J)
Wavelength 3500K 660nm
CRI ≥80
Dimensions 285.7∗273.5∗1.6MM
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